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By Kellyann Ozouf, Damian James
In the matter of the Representation of IFM Corporate Trustees Limited v Helliwell and Mountain[2015] JRC160 the Royal Court of Jersey was asked to exercise its discretion to make an order for rectification.
By Elena Moran, Paul Wilson
On 1 September 2015 significant new employment rights will come into force in Jersey aimed at supporting families and gender equality.
By Kellyann Ozouf, Damian James, Richard Holden
As far as the parties were concerned, the main issue was to succeed in their application to rectify the trust, i.e. to correct and rewrite its drafting to bring it back into line with the original intention behind it.
By Sean Cheong, Nicholas Davies
The Channel Islands continued to lead on offshore IPOs in London during the first half of 2015. The two islands were neck-and-neck on total new listings, and Main Market listings, with Jersey favoured for AIM and Guernsey for SFM.
By Nuno Santos-Costa, Richard Holden
It has taken 15 years for Jersey's authorities to prosecute for failing to report potential money laundering under its proceeds of crime legislation, in a case shedding important light on its requirements for AML compliance.
By Nicholas Davies
This client note is the first in a series of regular briefings providing an update on recent developments relevant to organisations based in the Channel Islands and Cayman Islands who have Russian clients...
By Paul Harben
A surge in high net worth individuals relocating to Jersey is having a positive effect on the island's economy
By Julie Harrigan
22 years after her death, Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn's sons are said to be battling over memorabilia left to them by their mother.
By Paul Harben, Shaun O'Connor
The developments that we are currently seeing mark a return to a more traditional housing market.
By Kellyann Ozouf, Angela Calnan
Following the recent amendment to the law, it is now clear that it is sufficient for the purposes of a foundation to be described in either the public charter or the private regulations.
By Kellyann Ozouf, Angela Calnan
The deadline for the first reports in relation to the UK/Guernsey and UK/Jersey Intergovernmental Agreements regarding a FATCA-type reporting regime is 30 June 2016.
By Kellyann Ozouf
This lien provides retired trustees with a right to be indemnified by their successors up to the trust assets held by such successor.
By Kellyann Ozouf
It is common for Jersey discretionary trusts to grant a power to the trustees to exclude a beneficiary from receiving any further benefit under the trust, but should you exercise this power to exclude a divorcing beneficiary?
By Shaun O'Connor
A judgement of the Royal Court released last month in a property dispute case (Fogarty v St Martin Cottage Limited) breaks new legal ground in Jersey land law.
By Gareth Jones
From 1 September 2015, all employees in Jersey will be given a right to ask their employer for "flexible working" in certain circumstances.
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