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By Zillah Howard, Edward Bennett
We are at a time of great transition in relation to the private wealth of international families. What is referred to as the Great Wealth Transfer will see significant values passing across the generations over the coming years.
By Alasdair Hunter, Kristian Wilson, Lee Osborne
The topic of corporate transparency through the creation of a central registry of company beneficial ownership information has been extensively debated in recent years and came to the political fore at the Lough Erne...
By Nancy Chien
When the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was first introduced by the USA, there was a degree of reluctance among some in the finance industry to engage with it.
By Alasdair Davidson, Rebecca Hale
On 11 October 2017, the High Court released its latest judgment in the long running saga between Mezhprom Bank and its liquidator, the DIA, and Russian businessman Mr Sergei Pugachev ..
By Zillah Howard, Edward Bennett
Non-charitable purpose trusts are expressly provided for by the Trusts (Jersey) Law 1984 as amended (the "Trusts Law").
By Zillah Howard
A private trust company ("PTC") is a useful vehicle to consider in the planning and establishment of trust structures for high net worth and ultra high net worth families.
By Martin Paul, Simon Hopwood, Bruce Scott, Amedeo Claris
Since the relaxation of the UK REIT regime, Bedell Cristin has acted as Jersey counsel and/or TISE listing sponsor in relation to the majority of new REITs that have been listed on TISE.
By Marc Piano
Blockchains are commonly perceived to be complex and difcult to understand. While the technology involves a blend of several elements of computer science, the concept behind it is fairly simple.
By Donna Withers
It is often suggested that it is easy to write your own Will if your wishes are simple and your financial situation isn't complicated.
By Zillah Howard
Foundations were introduced in Jersey in 2009 pursuant to the Foundations Law 2009, providing an alternative to trusts for the increasing numbers of the Island's clients who are more familiar with the concept...
By Richard Sharp
The outcome of the UK referendum on 23 June 2016 to leave the EU was both shocking and unprecedented but Guernsey is well positioned to meet any challenges.
By Martin Paul, Simon Hopwood, Alasdair Hunter, Bruce Scott
Jersey is one of the premier offshore jurisdictions for the establishment of investment funds and other investment structures.
By Alasdair Hunter, Martin Paul, Simon Hopwood, Kate Ovenden, Richard Sharp, Mark Helyar
The key advantages to listing on the Official List of The International Stock Exchange (TISE) as operated by The International Stock Exchange Authority Limited (TISEA) are.
By Rob Gardner, Edward Drummond
Insolvency office-holders appointed under a law or by a court outside Jersey will have no authority, as a matter of Jersey law, to act in Jersey.
By Rob Gardner, Edward Drummond
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