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By Charla Bizios Stevens
On March 7, 2019 the NH Supreme Court ruled that an employee's worker's compensation carrier was wrong to deny reimbursement for the cost of medical marijuana to an employee recovering from a work related injury.
By Steven Burke
New Hampshire recently signaled its intention to be one of the leading states for fiduciaries to consider by enacting The New Hampshire Foundation Act, making it the first state to permit the establishment of civil law foundations.
By Alexandra Geiger
Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Labor released its long-awaited updated overtime rule proposal. Under the proposed rule, the minimum salary level at which an employee
By Adam Hamel
Yesterday, President Trump unveiled his new budget plan. Along with controversial plans to fund construction of a wall on the southern border ...
By Adam Hamel
A bill recently filed in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, if passed, would prohibit discrimination on the basis of height and weight.
By Susan Schorr
A majority of states now authorize the use of either medical or recreational marijuana, but it seems like CBD or cannabidiol is garnering as much attention as the stuff that actually causes
By Alexandra Geiger
In its first employment decision of 2019, the NH Supreme Court declined to recognize a claim for wrongful demotion under New Hampshire law.
By Megan Coneeny
Q. My small business is negotiating with a vendor who has asked to remove our contract's "assignment" clause entirely.
By Amanda E. Quinlan
Returning to work after giving birth is a major challenge for working moms, including organizing the logistics of lactation while at work.
By Cameron Shilling
Our world is evolving because of technology. Lawyers and law firms need to keep pace.
By John Rich, Jr.
While tax practitioners were spending the bulk of 2018 attempting to understand the intricacies of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (the Act), there were still significant developments impacting employee benefit plans.
By Charla Bizios Stevens
On January 23, 2019, the Massachusetts Department of Family and Medical Leave released draft regulations regarding the Paid Family and Medical Leave Law which was enacted as part of the so-called "Grand Bargain" ...
By Amanda E. Quinlan
According to a New Hampshire judge, "it is at least a jury question whether as plaintiff alleges, ‘public policy encourages a mother to breastfeed her child, particularly where breastfeeding
By Ashley Campbell
Q. My local business now sells to customers globally, and I want to take the necessary steps to protect my client data. What are the first steps to take to get into compliance?
By Charla Bizios Stevens
On February 1, 2019 the Keene Sentinel reported that a Massachusetts construction company had been hit with more than $64,000 in fines after an audit conducted by the New Hampshire Department of Labor
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