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By Chris Kidd, Alastair Stewart
We have reported in the past on this long running litigation and the decisions in the High Court and the Court of Appeal.
By Rania Tadros, Anna Fomina
A recent decision offers guidance as to the courts’ approach to a carrier’s obligations under Article III(2) of the Hague Rules to properly and carefully load, carry and care for the cargo.
By Daniel Jones, Jonathan Reese
This was a dispute arising out of a contract of affreightment. The Court awarded the Owners damages for breach of the COA.
By Jonathan Elvey, Despina Plomaritou
In this case, the vessel Owners failed to provide the Charterers with all documents in support of their demurrage claim within the 90-day time period provided under the charterparty.
By Michael Volikas, Fionna Gavin, Amanda Urwin
The Court also considered issues concerning repudiatory breach, the validity of the charterparty guarantees and assessment of damages for repudiatory breach of charter.
By John Simpson, Michelle Yong, Edgar Chin
When a contract does not reflect the common intention of the parties, equitable relief can be sought from the Court for the contract to be rectified.
By Paul Herring, Marco Crusafio
The Court of Appeal has recently confirmed the meaning of the expression "in-transit loss" ("ITL") in a voyage charterparty.
By Rory Macfarlane, Ruaridh Guy
A recent Commercial Court decision considered the position when a contract provides for the law of one jurisdiction to be applicable, but for the arbitration to take place outside that jurisdiction.
By Michelle Linderman, James Rose, Carlijn Ruers
2014 was a busy year for EU sanctions. In this update, we give an overview of the various sanctions that have been implemented by the EU authorities over the last 12 months.
By Ian Cranston, Ruth Monahan
Parties should be very careful to ensure that no competing dispute resolution clauses are contained in the same contract.
By Ted Graham, Margot Wastnage
This dispute related to cargo claims brought under three bills of lading. One issue was whether the claims were subject to London arbitration and/or English court proceedings and/or Moroccan court proceedings.
By Wai Yue Loh, Ajay Ahluwalia
A recent decision in the Commercial Court offers helpful guidance to both shipyards and buyers facing and considering possible cancellations of shipbuilding contracts due to delayed delivery.
By Max Cross, Reema Shour
Hin-Pro, a Hong Kong freight forwarder, alleged that the carrier, CSAV, wrongly delivered cargo without production of original bills of lading in various ports in Venezuela.
By Jonathan Elvey, Despina Plomaritou
This case is a rare example of a successful challenge to an arbitration award on the ground of serious irregularity under section 68 of the Arbitration Act 1996 (the "Act").
By Kevin Cooper, Florence Preux
With corruption increasingly hitting the headlines (think GlaxoSmithKline in China and Qatar's World Cup bid), in early December 2014, the OECD issued a new report on corruption, highlighting the scale of bribery worldwide.
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