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By Craig Turvey
Separated parents should try all forms of negotiation and dispute resolution before the extreme step of court proceedings.
By Scott Bartlem
The NSW SC has confirmed how trusteeship of an SMSF works where a member and trustee loses capacity and then dies.
By Andrew Corkhill
The 10 new exploration land parcels spread across six basins – Bowen, Surat, Galilee, Adavale, Eromanga and Millungera.
By Belinda Winter
Article discusses Victorian Bill that introduces the offence of workplace manslaughter.
By Belinda Winter
Article about first entity in Qld to be charged with industrial manslaughter under section 34C of the WHS Act 2011 (Qld) .
By Tony Park
Where customers are allowed to carry food & drinks, the occupier is obliged to minimise the risk of slip & fall incidents.
By Tony Park
Plaintiff failed to establish liability against an operator of shopping centre after she was struck by a mobility scooter.
By Leanne O’Neill
If oceans and rivers are contaminated with PFAS, the fish and aquatic animals in those waterways could be contaminated.
By Fletch Heinemann
The commercial debt forgiveness rules aim to cancel out any gain made when a commercial debt that they owe is forgiven.
By Scott Bartlem
Executors facing difficulties selling the estate property within two years are now protected by the safe harbour rules.
By Tony Park
The case shows a trend in the way of litigating claims for psychological injury, which makes defending them more onerous.
By Tony Park
The case illustrates that all work has danger and employers are entitled to manage, instead of eliminating, some risks.
By Scott Bartlem
Two recent NSW cases reinforce the importance of documenting agreements between family members to avoid future disputes.
By Belinda Winter
Spotlight had a duty to ensure that the premises of the distribution centre were as safe as reasonably practicable.
By Belinda Winter
Failure to provide a safe system of work exposed a young teenage worker to the danger of a hazardous cleaning product.
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