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By Paul Girgulis
These current amendments will affect all developers and purchasers of new condominiums in Alberta.
By Jenna Kirk
Cannabis has become legal in Canada for adult use, possession, purchase and distribution.
By Field LLP
The Alberta Court of Appeal allowed the appeal.
By Katrina Haymond, Leah McDaniel
In the age of social media, individuals have more opportunities than ever to express themselves and their views in the public sphere.
By Mark Mielke, Caitlyn Field
With the Cannabis Act set to legalize most forms of recreational cannabis in just a few short weeks, many consumers and businesses alike may require further clarity on the limited scope of legalization.
By Mark Mielke
The only exception, as outlined by the bylaw, are clearly marked designated cannabis consumption areas.
By Brian Vail, QC
The question facing organizations today is not if they will suffer a cyberattack but when.
By Ania Werbeniuk
According to a report released by Public Interest Alberta, more than 300 000 Albertans will be getting a raise next month.
By Ania Werbeniuk
Ruston was asked to take time off work, and later he received an alert that his e-mail account was disabled.
By Jason Kully
Ontario court finds sexual harassment of one employee against another was not connected to employment
By Field LLP
In some cases, service may be accomplished by email (or deemed good and sufficient), including email upon the servee's counsel.
By Field LLP
Unlike the situation with litigation independent medical examinations per Rule 5.42, a Section B insurer is entitled to insist that the insured attend an independent medical examination per Section B Special Provision 4...
By Field LLP
In the case of a crumbling skull plaintiff the Court will apportion responsibility to the different accidents involved where the injuries in question are not indivisible.
By Field LLP
When an insurer contemplates settling to its policy limits in an auto case, it must take steps to ensure that all potential claims have been accounted for.
By Field LLP
Where past negligence involved in the installation of the system manifested itself in an explosion years later, the "occurrence" or "accident" ...
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