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By ONC Lawyers
In this newsletter, we will discuss the key changes relating to the general meetings and shareholders' written resolutions under the new Companies Ordinance.
By ONC Lawyers
There are two different legal aid schemes in Hong Kong, namely civil legal aid and criminal legal aid.
By Francis Chan
When a number of employees are considering to leave their employment together and set themselves up in competition with the employer, they have to be aware of their implied duty of fidelity apart form their contractual duties and restrictions. This article will discuss certain acts and omission in relation to "team move" which may give rise to a breach of the employee’s implied duty of fidelity.
By Ludwig Ng
In the recent case of Geoffrey L. Berman v SPF CDO I, Ltd. and Others HCMP 1321/2010 (judgment delivered on 14th March 2011), Mr. Justice Harris pronounced a judgment that significantly developed the law regarding litigation funding in Hong Kong.
By Francis Chan
Where a deceased has by his Will, or by the effects of intestacy, failed to provide properly for his spouse, children, relatives or dependants, the court may order reasonable provision to be made out of the deceased's net estate for the maintenance of them.
By Ludwig Ng
As a general rule, shareholders cannot sue for wrongs done to their company or complain of irregularities in the conduct of its internal affairs.
By Francis Chan, Francis Chan
When a man dies, his estate will, after deduction of debts, funeral and testamentary expenses, be distributed according to his will or to the intestate law.
By Ludwig Ng, Ludwig Ng
Although the United States Patent and Trademark Office generally accepts computer programs and business methods as patentable subject under US patent law, its counterpart the European Patent Office (the "EPO") holds a very different view.