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By Alan Wilson
In its sixth annual report on voluntary audit committee reporting to shareholders, Ernst & Young observed "similar increases in voluntary audit-related disclosure as in the past several years...
By Donald Steinberg
Matter management has become increasingly important for law firms and the clients that they serve. For clients, effective matter management can result in lower fees, more accurate estimates of costs, and better results, as their lawyers take a more active role in the processes for delivering legal services.
By Lloyd Firth
A common feature of corporate criminal disposal in the US for several decades, the use of corporate monitors in the UK in the same period has been, at best, sporadic.
By Daniel F. Schubert
As the SEC more closely polices cybersecurity, companies must be careful to protect their customers' data or risk enforcement actions, says Partner Dan Schubert, in a recent video interview with Wolters Kluwer.
By Matthew Schnall, Julie Hogan Rodgers, Meghan Walsh
We previously reported to you that the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) had revoked Directive 17-1 requiring the collection of Massachusetts sales and use taxes by Internet vendors that meet certain sales thresholds in Massachusetts.
By WilmerHale
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By WilmerHale
It has been a quiet year so far with regard to US Supreme Court decisions on arbitration-related issues. There have been, however, several recent cases that reflect the fact that US courts continue to wrestle with the application of concepts such as sovereign immunity, forum non conveniens, personal jurisdiction and comity as they relate to the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, and, in particular, enforcement of awards against sovereigns.
By Gregory Lantier
In-house attorneys routinely receive, review and compare alternative fee arrangement proposals and nearly all law firms regularly submit them, but parties often do not follow a disciplined approach to developing a realistic budget.
By Donald Steinberg, Yung-Hoon Ha, Liv Herriot
The authors provide recommendations for both petitioners and patent owners based on how the Board has decided on this issue.
By Paul Jakubowski, Stephen M. Edwards
A Q&A guide to real estate finance law for borrowers and lenders in Massachusetts written by Partner Paul Jakubowski and Special Counsel Stephen Edwards, published by Practical Law (Thomson Reuters 2017).
By Philip Anker, George Shuster, Benjamin Loveland, Michael Guippone
Timing is key to valuation of all types and in all contexts. But in bankruptcy, valuation timing can take on heightened importance because a central element of bankruptcy involves distributing value...
By Paul M. Architzel, Dan M. Berkovitz, Lillian Brown, Peter Buckland, Bruce Newman, Andre Owens, Jennifer Zepralka
An ICO, or initial coin offering, is the sale of virtual coins or tokens, often as a means of capital raising by startup companies that are involved in blockchain technology.
By WilmerHale
Some interesting links we found across the web this week:
By Alison Geary
An article by Alison Geary and Lloyd Firth, published in Of Counsel, discusses the perceived precarious future of the Serious Fraud Office.
By Vinita Ferrera, Aaron Macris, Jeffrey Olshan
In this article written by Vinita Ferrera, Aaron Macris and Jeffrey Olshan, published in Bloomberg BNA's Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal, authors discuss the many interpretations of TrafFix on alternative designs and provide guidance for litigants as such evidence can have a substantial impact in trade dress litigation.
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