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By William Gorton III
In previous alerts we addressed the continued national confusion about the nature and extent of federal jurisdiction over properties exhibiting "waters of the United States" asking, "What Are Waters of the United States"...
By Alexandra MacKay
Under the PTO's pilot program, third parties are invited to notify the PTO through a designated email address of any improper specimens submitted by an applicant.
By John Scruton
There has been a lot of talk lately about the idea that the supply of trademarks is running short. A recent article in the Harvard Law Review supported that idea:
By Elizabeth Thompson
Based on a recent Wall Street Journal article, companies that purchase equipment this year can expense 100% of the acquisition cost.
By Kenneth Gish, Jr.
On February 15, 2018, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) unanimously issued Order No. 841¹ which has the potential to dramatically alter the electricity grid and wholesale energy market in large parts of the United States.
By William Geisen
Jobsite safety remains of paramount importance for all involved in the construction industry.
By Alexandra MacKay
The opening ceremonies for the 2018 Olympic winter games take place Friday, February 9, but competition has already begun.
By John Scruton
Fans of the tear-jerking NBC drama This Is Us will be aware of a certain incident with a kitchen appliance that had a big effect on the show's Pearson family.
By Rachel Dix Bishop
Since becoming a Nashvillian a little over a year ago, I've fallen in love with a new sport: hockey. Hockey fever is infectious and its contraction was almost unavoidable as the Nashville Predators...
By Michael Goode, Ann Ralls Niewold
The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act repeals the deduction for alimony payments after 2018.
By James C Seiffert, Jameson Seiffert
On March 22, 2017, Governor Matt Bevin signed into law the Kentucky Charter School bills which empower local Kentucky school boards with the rights and responsibilities of creating and operating charter schools.
By Alexandra MacKay
We are two weeks into 2018. Have you kept your new year's resolutions so far? If you are like me, you have good intentions, but that may be all you have.
By Shannon Antle Hamilton, Robin McGuffin
With severe winter weather pummeling much of the country, employers may be forced to delay opening their doors, close their doors early, or even close for days at a time.
By John Scruton
But maybe trademarks that disparage people aren't your thing.
By Richard Vance, Mina N Khalil
When it comes to the electronic recording and notarization of documents, Kentucky has historically been on the outside looking in, while neighboring states have embraced the efficiency and cost-saving benefits of eRecording.
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