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By Bob Rifkin
Fraud in corporate America is nothing new. Yet, many law firms overlook the issue in their own organization. Lawyers tend to place the firm's day-to-day operations on a back burner...
By Kalman Shiner, CPA
Referrals are typically the leading producer of new business for law firms. In other words, referrals mean revenue.
By Annie Gant
If you were to join our weekly team meeting, it would not be surprising to hear a team member say something like, "I did a great job eating my frogs last week" or...
By Doug Karasek
Are the services your plan receives reasonably priced? Knowing the answer is a vital fiduciary duty.
By Marva Harris CPA
Not-for-profit organizations have long turned to endowments for help, providing the necessary financial resources to carry out their mission, now and into the future.
By Bob Rifkin
Over the years, one of the more vexing tax questions for property owners has been how to tell whether a cost is a repair or an improvement.
By Anita Wescott
Monthly rental payments made by a lessee obviously constitute taxable rental income.
By Kadir Sunardio
If you own property and a business, there is an obvious temptation to lease that property to the business.
By Chris Arndt
In 2016, Starbucks raised its prices not once, but twice! Of course, they took grief for it from some customers.
By Robert Swenson
The past several years have seen headline after headline about massive data breaches at hospitals, financial institutions and major retailers.
By Max Grebenschikov
Take a few minutes to review this letter. It generally contains advice on ways to make your business more efficient and profitable and less risky.
By Larry Ruff
Target-date or lifecycle funds first came to market in 1994. Since then, they have experienced much growth with nearly every large financial institution today offering their own version of these funds.
By Steve Lewis
How do you know when your investments are performing well?
By Chris Arndt
Let us guess—One of your business goals for 2017 is growth.
By Robert Swenson
Restaurant Week just arrived to showcase more than 300 Chicago area restaurants. Prix fixe menus of $22, $33 and $44 are offered for breakfast lunch and dinner.
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