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By James Koenig
For today's companies, navigating new paths to growth in the complex and evolving internet of things landscape requires innovative thinking and practical counsel.
By Hanley Chew, Eric Ball
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit held that allegations that prospective employers obtained consumer reports in technical violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act by themselves...
By Hanley Chew, James Koenig
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has held that allegations of a heightened risk of future identity theft resulting from a data breach established a concrete injury at the pleading stage.
By Armen N. Nercessian, Matthew B. Becker, Eric Ball, Rodger Cole
Despite being short one justice for much of the year, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down multiple significant decisions this past term that can unsettle long-standing legal understandings...
By Vikram Iyengar
On Friday, August 4, 2017, a federal court jury in Brooklyn, New York, found Martin Shkreli, former CEO of biopharmaceutical company Retrophin, guilty on three of eight counts of securities fraud.
By Kevin Kabler, Ph.D., Andrew Whitehead
Following the U.S. Supreme Court's Mayo and Alice decisions, the USPTO adopted a divergent eligibility analysis framework as it relates to particular forms of subject matter.
By Mitchell Zimmerman
Back in 2014, the Supreme Court, in American Broadcasting Companies. v. Aereo, Inc. (Aereo I), shot down a service...
By Cynthia Clarfield Hess, Mark Leahy, Khang Tran
This report analyzes the valuations and terms of venture financings for 208 companies headquartered in the Silicon Valley that raised capital in the second quarter of 2017.
By Jeffrey Vetter, Ran Ben-Tzur
In response to investor concerns regarding an increase in the number of technology companies that have been implementing multi-class capital structures...
By Vikram Iyengar, Mary Griffin
As to the proximate cause part of the test, the court held that Bayer could not have economic loss for a mark it did not use in U.S. commerce.
By Meghan Fenzel, Todd Gregorian
Waymo alleges that with Levandowski's assistance, Uber used misappropriated documents to develop custom LiDAR systems based on Waymo's designs.
By Vikram Iyengar
NAFTA also provided some patent protection for pharmaceutical and agricultural-chemical inventions, benefiting U.S. pharmaceutical companies.
By Mitchell Zimmerman
Back in 2014, the Supreme Court, in American Broadcasting Companies. v. Aereo, Inc., shot down a service designed (1) to offer its subscribers internet/mobile access to live network TV programming, ...
By Bryan Kohm, Jonathan T. McMichael
The U.S. Supreme Court's May 2017 decision in TC Heartland v. Kraft Foods Group Brands is widely seen as sharply limiting where patent infringement lawsuits may be filed.
By John McNelis
In June 2017, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao announced that her department is revising autonomous vehicle guidelines issued in September 2016.
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