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By Todd Neal, Katherine Edwards
Subpoenas in criminal proceedings issued based on knowledge from a section 9.22 notice may be at risk of being set aside.
By Victor Borzillo, Naazihah Jamal, Jasmine Borgeaud
Building owners affected by this new regulation must complete the online registration and checklist by 29 March 2019.
By Paul O'Halloran
Employers negotiating enterprise agreements should note average pay increase trends and prepare an industrial strategy.
By Sara McRostie, Megan Kavanagh
Affected entities should also have appropriate complaints handling procedures to deal with human rights complaints.
By Paul O'Halloran
Recent variations to modern awards will impact how employers should approach bargaining for new enterprise agreements.
By Cathryn Prowse, Amy La Verde, Kate Clements
An overview of significant changes for employers in Victoria.
By David Kennedy, Alex Rhydderch, Brent Van Staden, Natasha Messing
Article warns to beware of false billing scams and consider an internal process to manage this risk.
By Toby Blyth
Insurance industry will be impacted by strengthened penalties and insurers may face penalties of up to $210 million.
By Megan Bowe
This decision has implications for all who engage independent contractors, not just those operating in the gig economy.
By Andrew Komesaroff, Dilusha Jayasekara
Schools should review corporate governance structures to ensure the efficient running of school operations as a business.
By Hamish Ratten, Dilusha Jayasekara
Proposed changes increase the thresholds for determining a large proprietary company under the Corporations Act 2001.
By Toby Blyth, Christopher Harten
Summary of approach by APRA to managing risk around using outsourced cloud computing services.
By Toby Blyth, Jessica Yazbek
Proposed changes could have significant impact upon the tax profile of individuals with overseas connections.
By Scott Hedge, John Nolan, Peter Harkin
This case supports parties seeking to rely on traditional set-off in construction or other contracts after a liquidation.
By Georgia Arya, Douglas Prime, Paris Salam
Parties should consider a deed of variation when amending option deeds, instead of emails or other casual correspondence.
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