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By Jeffrey R. Katz, Paul S. Scrivano, Jane Goldstein, Anne Hancock
On April 3, 2018, the Superior Court of Washington for King County issued a decision affirming the use of enhanced advance notice bylaws and finding that the board's decision to reject a deficient notice...
By Edward Kelly, Regina Sam Penti
On March 28, 2018, the U.K. Court of Appeal handed down its decision in Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. v. Kymab Ltd. and Novo Nordisk AS, reversing a lower court decision that found two critical patents ...
By Amanda Raad
Implementing effective compliance programs is challenging, especially where third-party risk management is involved.
By Gabrielle G. Hirz, Loretta Richard, Christiana M. Lazo
Hello, and thank you for joining us today on this Ropes & Gray podcast.
By Gabrielle G. Hirz, Loretta Richard, Christiana M. Lazo
The Quarter-Lender Management LLC v. Commissioner Of Internal Revenue.
By Ropes & Gray LLP's Investment Management Practice Group
The Adviser Conduct Proposal reaffirms that the Advisers Act fiduciary duty derives from common law principles.
By David Peloquin, Leslie Thornton, Abram Barth, Mark Barnes
The January 2018 Interim Final Rule stated that the general compliance date may be subject to additional delay through further rulemaking.
By Carolyn Ward, Kendi Ozmon, Gil Ghatan
In this Ropes & Gray podcast, tax counsel Morey Ward is joined by tax partner Kendi Ozmon and tax counsel Gil Ghatan to discuss one of the key provisions for tax-exempt organizations...
By Katherine Wang, Mimi Yang, David Zhang
On March 17, China's highest legislative body, the National People's Congress, approved a sweeping government restructuring plan.
By Brian M. Studniberg, Gabrielle G. Hirz, Loretta Richard
In a recent Tax Notes International article, "Is Fishing in Tax Waters Getting Easier or Just More High Tech?," Brian Studniberg, Gabby Hirz and Loretta Richard provide commentary...
By Ropes & Gray LLP's Real Estate Investments & Transactions Practice Group, Ropes & Gray LLP's Finance Practice
As reported in a previous alert, the UK Financial Conduct Authority announced on July 27, 2017 that, by 2021, it intends to replace LIBOR, the key benchmark rate underlying hundreds of trillions of dollars in lending ...
By Katherine Wang
China's Government will launch several incentives to enhance accessibility of innovative drugs, especially imported oncology drugs.
By Christopher P. Conniff, R. Daniel O'Connor, Helen Gugel, Jessica F. Soricelli
On March 27, 2018, the top securities regulator in Massachusetts issued consent orders halting five initial coin offerings — including projects that sought to raise capital to assist families...
By Kevin J. Angle, David Cohen, Michelle Feldman, James DeGraw, Rohan Massey, Douglas Meal, Heather Egan Sussman, Mark Szpak, Michelle Visser
The Privacy & Cybersecurity Summit, hosted by Ropes & Gray, brought together legal, compliance and risk management professionals for discussions about the many rapidly evolving technology...
By Kellie Coombs, Douglas Hallward-Driemeier, Joan McPhee
The rules regarding truthful, non-misleading communications by medical product manufacturers have long been unclear.
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