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By Andrew Stephenson, Alison Teh, Dominic Fawcett
This decision could very likely assist in promoting Australia as a desirable venue for commercial arbitration.
By David Warren
Sole source procurement has emerged as a major area of activity in the infrastructure sector in many Australian states.
By Simon Johnson, Timothy Bunker
Ridesharing apps such as Uber have been legalised in Australian states and territories apart from the Northern Territory
By Brent Lillywhite, Samuel Volling
Given the Court's reasoning, other local governments should review rates and charges to check if they are also at risk.
By Daniel Marquet, John Fogarty
Efforts to prevent guests from posting negative online reviews are likely to mislead or deceive in contravention of the ACL.
By Jade Rowarth, Jason Salman, Kirsty Sutherland
The case illustrates the willingness of Australian courts to assist foreign courts in cross-border insolvency situations.
By John Tuck, Anthony Forsyth
This is an overview of the laws relating to the regulation of retirement plans and schemes in 16 key countries in Asia.
By Andrew Lumsden, Robert Franklyn, Michael Kingsbury, Leonard Andreev, Magan Goh
ICO opportunities are vast and the law will need to get back to basics to make sure issuers deal fairly with investors.
By John Tuck, Christopher Leong
The Commission has no discretion to deal with such disputes unless expressly authorised under the enterprise agreement.
By Greg Hassall, Astrid Crowe
Outlines potential changes to retail leasing legislation in South Australia.
By Bruce Adkins, Michael MacGinley, Peter Jarosek, Vaughan Mills, Nick Thorne, Stuart Clague
This briefing includes recent mining deals, market rumours, potential opportunities and relevant regulatory updates.
By David Warren
Practical guide for governments to make the most of the options open to them when planning an infrastructure project.
By Jade Rowarth, Jason Salman, Kirsty Sutherland
Options available to liquidators when examinee fails to appear including option of adverse costs orders if examinee appeals.
By Brent Lillywhite, Eva Coggins
Queensland bill proposes new requirements for mining applications including Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure Plan.
By Andrew McCormack
Principals and head contractors should be aware of (and comply with) the changes, or risk being in breach of the new Act.
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