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By Jamie-Lynn Kraft
William Shatner made headlines in November when he took to Twitter to express his displeasure that his name and likeness were used without his permission to promote a condo development in Hamilton, Ontario.
By Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh
Apotex was unsuccessful in three Health Canada court challenges.
By Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh
While the Court of Appeal held that the Federal Court erred in its identification of the inventive concept, it upheld the finding that the patent was obvious.
By Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh
Separately, in Ontario, on December 12, Bill 160, the Strengthening Quality and Accountability for Patients Act, 2017, received Royal Assent.
By Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh
We reported on the six Federal Court and three FCA PMNOC Regulations decisions publicly released in 2017.
By Kwan Loh, Ahmed ElDessouki
2017 was a year of significant developments to Canadian IP law and practice, with important court decisions and numerous legislative amendments
By Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh
We provided an update on biosimilars: Health Canada's guidance, approvals and reviews of biosimilars to date, the effect of CETA amendments to biologics, pending patent litigation...
By Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh
On February 2, the FCA allowed Apotex's appeal of a $61 million award disgorging Apotex's profits for its generic perindopril (COVERSYL).
By Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh
Apotex's initial patent hold was revoked and later re-instated, but only after the PMNOC proceedings had been resolved.
By Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh
A draft of the new Guidelines is expected in the spring of 2018.
By Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh
Following pre-publication on July 15, and flowing from its commitments under CETA, the Certificates of Supplementary Protection Regulations and the Regulations Amending the Patented Medicines...
By Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh
On June 30, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) delivered its highly anticipated decision, AstraZeneca v Apotex, 2017 SCC 36 relating to esomeprazole (NEXIUM).
By Brandon Heard
Seedling Life Science Ventures ("Seedlings") is the plaintiff in a patent infringement action against Pfizer relating to Patent No. 2,486,935 and auto injectors.
By Katie Lee
Health Canada publishes final guidance documents on quality requirements for regulatory filings
By Kevin Siu
On November 22, 2017 the Federal Court issued a judgment granting Apotex's motion under s. 6(5)(b) of the PMNOC Regulations: Bristol-Myers Squibb et al v Apotex Inc et al, 2017 FC 1061.