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By Preetha Soman, Vikram Shroff
Similar to IT/ITeS establishments in the state of Karnataka, employers are now permitted to engage women employees in their factories during night hours, from 7 pm until 6 am.
By Ramya Kumar, Richie Sancheti, Kishore Joshi
The Securities and Exchange Board of India ("SEBI") has introduced the SEBI (Foreign Portfolio Investors) Regulations, 2019 ("FPI Regulations 2019")...
By Nishith Desai Associates
In 2001, Dr. Jacques Marescaux surgically removed the gall bladder of a 68 year old woman.
By Nishith Desai Associates
Welcome to the world of research at Nishith Desai Associates.
By Nishith Desai
Games, whether in the form of gambling, or popular social or casual games, are enjoyed by people of all age groups across the globe for their entertainment value.
By Nishanth Ravindran, Aarushi Jain, Gowree Gokhale
The Delhi High Court has directed prominent social media companies to take down defamatory content uploaded from India, on a global basis
By Shreya Shenolikar, Darren Punnen, Dr.Milind Antani
The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has released two draft notifications to regulate all medical devices in India under the Medical Device Rules, 2017.
By Shweta Sahu, Moazzam Khan
With cross-border dispute resolution on the rise, currency variations and exchange rate fluctuations remain a concern in enforcement of foreign awards and decrees.
By Archita Mohapatra, Preetha Soman, Ajay Solanki, Vikram Shroff
Long bygone are the days when men used to be the sole bread-winners of a family. Globalization has brought a radical change in the status of women worldwide.
By Archita Mohapatra, Preetha Soman, Ajay Solanki, Vikram Shroff
The employer-employee relationship is, and has always been, in a constant state of evolution. As the nature of this relationship evolves and changes,...
By Aaron Kamath, Sahil Kanuga, Payel Chatterjee
There has been a surge in internal and employee-related investigations at an organizational level over the last couple of years.
By Nishith Desai
This discussion pape.r was first presented at the ‘Seminar on Film Certification and Regulation of Online Content' organized by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
By Nishith Desai
Bloomberg Quint The Fineprint (27 Sept 2019) (Video)
By Nishith Desai
Recent Developments In The India Investment Climate In The Context Of Fund Raising, Valuations And Exits (November 12, 2019) (Video)
By Nishith Desai Associates
The automobile industry of the 20th century was dominated by western automobile manufacturers from the United States and other European nations.
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