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By Leo Civelli, Paola Ricciardi
What investors are looking for office, retail and logistics opportunities in the European scenario.
By Paul Hartnett, Mark Bobber
Please be reminded that these indices are only average indicators of change and they are not absolutes.
By Roger Grabowski, Carla Nunes, James Harrington
This book also includes three intra-year quarterly updates.
By Roger Grabowski, Carla Nunes, James Harrington
This book includes one semi-annual update with data through June and September.
By Brooks Dexter, Jordan Lampos
Private equity firms looking to invest in behavioral health practices can be helpful in developing and implementing a multi-state strategy.
By Roger Grabowski, Carla Nunes, James Harrington
This book also includes one semi-annual update with data through September.
By Alexandre Pierantoni, Robert A. Bartell, Luis Maluf
While Brazil still faces political uncertainty with its upcoming presidential election in October, the country's economy is rebounding, with investment and mergers and acquisitions activity showing strong momentum.
By Brooks Dexter, Eric Coburn, Philip Smith, Adam Stormoen, Laca Wong-Hammond, Jordan Lampos
The S&P Healthcare Services Index increased 4.0% over the last month, outperforming the S&P 500, which increased 0.3% over the same period.
By Abhishek Pandey, Varun Gupta, Aviral Jain, Umakanta Panigrahi, Santosh N
Duff & Phelps, the global advisor that enables clients to protect, restore and maximize value, launched the third edition of its Industry Multiples report for India.
By Dexter Blake
Investment holding periods have been rising steadily for the last decade, and managers continue to oversee funds that are well past their operational terms.
By David Larsen
The need for alternative investment funds to report their investments at fair value is long-standing.
By David Larsen
The theoretical scope for valuation "at cost" in alternatives funds is vanishing as a relief to investors.
By David Larsen
Broker quotes and pricing services have long been the Achilles heel of valuation of infrequently traded investments.
By Chris Lombardy
Big data's becoming a big issue for hedge funds and other managers, and it could cause some major problems for compliance.
By Duff and Phelps
I've always been excited about the commodities market because it is truly international.
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