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By Pieter Dierckx, Leo Peeters
Every independent entrepreneur, undertaking, family business shall be confronted sooner or later with the difficult question regarding the future of the undertaking concerned.
By Marcel Houben
Cooperating with a would-be independent worker may turn out to be an expensive exercise.
By Marcel Houben
Secretary of State Crombez introduced some time ago a package of measures in order to fight social fraud more efficiently.
By Griet Verfaillie, Lynn Pype
A discussion on the refusal to sell in the automotive sector.
By Bruno Gernay
A summary of topics related to the new seven tax laws.
By Griet Verfaillie, Lynn Pype
In commercial trade, it is not unusual that a distributor or producer of goods refuses to deliver or sell its services or goods to a certain dealer, but it is important to know which rules and principles may apply.
By Marcel Houben
As already mentioned in the preceding newsletter, from a social law point of view, four elements of the General Policy Statement catch the eye: 1) increasing the competitiveness of our enterprises by eliminating the salary gap with our surrounding countries; 2) further increasing the competitiveness of our enterprises by lowering the social charges; 3) increasing job opportunities for younger and elder workers; and 4) stimulating the continued training of the workers.
By Griet Verfaillie, Lynn Pype
Since advertising has always been inherent to everyday life, the relevant rules and regulations can be found in various laws and codes relating to all parts of society.
By Marcel Houben
On 21 November 2012 Prime Minister Di Rupo presented the General Policy Statement of the federal government to the federal parliament
By Griet Verfaillie
On November 2, 2012 Belgium’s Supreme Court decided that article 53 §1 of the Law on Unfair Trade Practices, which instituted a general prohibition on announcements of price reductions in the period preceding the period of Sales is contrary to the Directive (2005/29/EC) concerning unfair B2C commercial practices in the internal market
By Leo Peeters, Anne-Marie Dossche
Introducing the principle of « una via » when taking on tax fraude cases: the choice for "only one way" … but is it the correct path to go down ?
By Leo Peeters, Pieter Dierckx
By Ministerial Decree of 20 September 2012 (hereinafter referred to as "M.D."), the requirements of recognition for companies specialized in financial leasing are altered. The new conditions apply as from 25 September 2012.
By Griet Verfaillie, Lynn Pype
The image right is a right (developed by jurisprudence and doctrine), which requires the prior permission of someone in order to take or use his image.
By Leo Peeters
This circular letter interprets the tax treatment of transfers to another generation of family businesses in Flanders, as inserted by section 17 of the Decree of 23 December 2011.
By Griet Verfaillie, Lynn Pype
On 22 May 2012, the European rapporteur for ACTA, David Martin, strongly recommended against the Treaty, saying that the intended benefits of the Treaty were far outweighed by the potential threats to civil liberties and given the vagueness of certain aspects of the text and the uncertainty over its interpretation, the European Parliament cannot guarantee adequate protection for citizens' rights in the future under ACTA.