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By Richard Thomas, Tatiana Kruse, Jonathan Edgelow, Lydia Sadler
Welcome to the winter 2012 edition of Salans Commercial Thinking.
By Paul Salmon, Richard Thomas
There are a variety of ways of structuring an operation in the UK.
By Richard Benson
The REIT regime was launched in 2007, with the aim of creating a tax efficient vehicle in which to encourage investment into Real Estate.
By Michael Bronstein
A recent appeal case shows that the range of reasonable responses test really does have some teeth after all.
By Dzhangar Dzhalchinov, Boris Bruk, Anna Zvereva
Major suppliers of foreign goods often establish a subsidiary in Russia for the purposes of purchasing and importing foreign goods into the RF in order to re-sell them on the Russian market.
By Emmanuelle van den Broucke, Christoph Herrmann, Daniel Vasbeck
Passing on extra costs to customers: an effective defence in actions seeking damages for anti-competitive practices
By Louise Woods
A significant amount of sub-prime lending took place around six years ago, meaning that 2012 is set to be an important year for lenders’ claims against professionals.
By Richard Thomas, Anna Puzitskaya
When the Companies Act 2006 came into force, company directors were deluged with advice
By Richard Thomas, Anna Puzitskaya
Three recent cases highlighted how important it is for the parties to carefully consider what they would like to achieve under the certain provisions of an agreement
By Tatiana Kruse
Keyword search advertising has become an essential marketing tool for many companies.
By Tatiana Kruse
The UK’s Data Protection Act 1998 ("DPA") implemented the EC Data Protection Directive.
By James Davies
In the recent case of Whitham v Club 24 T/A Ventura ET/18/0462/10
By Michael Bronstein, Jamie Feldman
The annual Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2011 has been published.
By Michael Bronstein
Employers need procedures to prevent potentially damaging "knee-jerk reactions" to allegations of wrong-doing
By Michael Bronstein, Jamie Feldman
The Department for Work and Pensions has published the schedule of proposed benefit rates, to be in place from the week commencing 9 April 2012:
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