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By Benton Bodamer 
As the wave of cannabis legalization continues to sweep through the US, the number of law schools offering courses that would prepare students to serve clients in this evolving marketplace
By Dickinson Wright
Derek Crownover (Member, Nashville) was recently quoted in The Hollywood Reporter article, "'She Has No Legal Recourse':
By Marlene A. Pontrelli, Robert L. Schwartz
You have just come from your lawyer's office and now wonder whether you really understood everything that was being said
By Robert F. Rhoades
For certain eligible businesses, electing to be taxed as an S corporation is a smart choice.
By Joan Cripe Skrzyniarz
In 2019, each individual may gift $15,000 to another individual in 2019, without filing a Form 709 Federal Gift Tax Return.
By Kelly Telfeyan
In Vic Davis Construction, Inc. v. Lauren Engineers & Constructors, Inc., the Tennessee Court of Appeals approved a contractor's use of closeout costs to "holdback" 5% of the contract price without complying with the...
By Ariel Kelly
In a growing technological and global marketplace, the labor market is expanding to accommodate the "gig economy," a labor market characterized by short-term, freelance or other alternative work relationships.
By W. Stuart Scott
Divorce can be a stressful and emotionally draining time. However, knowing when and how to communicate with your legal team can help to alleviate some of the stress.
By Erica A. Erman
The importance of accessible quality behavioral health services is gaining increased attention among millennials, Gen Z, and healthcare professionals.
By Tara Halbert
The Generation-Skipping Transfer ("GST") tax is designed to prevent taxpayers from avoiding estate tax on a child's inheritance at the child's death by "skipping" inheritances over children to grandchildren.
By Jennifer Ko Craft, Steven D. Lustig
On June 24, 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Iancu v Brunetti that prohibiting federal registration of "immoral or scandalous" marks violates the free speech provisions of the First Amendment.
By Sara Jodka
Join Dickinson Wright's Sara Jodka (Member, Columbus) for an overview of California's and Nevada's new Consumer Privacy laws
By Cynthia Moore
The Department of Labor ("DOL") issued final regulations in June 2018, which loosened the DOL's long-standing sub-regulatory guidance and allowed more organizations
By W. Stuart Scott
The answer to this question varies by state. There is usually a statute or rule of law directly on point that gives a clear answer. But there are a number of other court decisions and laws
By W. Stuart Scott
A common misperception arises as to when child support amounts change.
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