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When times are good, tough, aggressive, even bullying styles of "leadership" have been acceptable corporate behaviour. Business leaders have been seen as engaging in self-indulgent theatre rather than acting in the best interests of their company, business or people
What if you could make a slight change to one of your emails and get a 20% lift in opens or a 10% increase in sales?
What can your salespeople do to increase your sales pipeline with qualified leads?
A strategic alliance is a unique relationship between two or more companies working together on a project designed to generate a profit that neither partner could achieve on its own.
Many times, regardless of how well we plan, some things just fail. Maybe it’s a webinar or meeting presentation that was well prepared, but suffered technical difficulty.
The decline of a business usually occurs in stages, and more often than not there are warning signs.
Poor sales performers crop up in nearly all organisations, and all too often they’re tolerated and permitted to continue in their jobs. This can be a costly error in policy.
You think you have a cool product presentation? So does every competitor you’ve got.
As with many things in life, size isn’t everything. You may be better off, both financially and emotionally, staying as a small business.
The profit and loss sheet only lists income and expenses. It doesn’t give you a clue regarding the relationships between the numbers.
The credit crunch is providing the necessary pressure for forward-thinking organisations to review and revise their products, operations and systems to be more competitive.
Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who had a chemistry degree, was the first major world leader to speak out – in 1988 – on the need for the world to take action on global warming and resultant climate change.
There are many strategic planning blunders that can bring a good strategy down during execution.
Non-executive directors can provide valuable benefits to small businesses. They are the voice of experience that can guide the business forward. But how do you find the right non-executive director for your business, and manage them for best results?
It’s in the papers all the time: "Company goes bankrupt". Sometimes it’s due to shady practices.