I. Intellectual Property Civil Cases

1. Patent Infringement Case of Determining Equivalents of New Materials Technology

Appellate Case on Invention Patent Infringement, Hunan Corun New Energy Co., Ltd. v. Alantum Advanced Technology Materials(Dalian) Co., Ltd., etc [Jiangsu High Court Civil Judgment (2011) Su Zhi Min Zai Zhong Zi No. 1]

2. Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Dispute Case of "WEI JI in Chinese" Soy Sauce

Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition Case, Foshan Haitian Flavoring Food Co., Ltd. v. Foshan Gao Ming Wei Ji Seasoning Food Co., Ltd. [Guangdong Foshan Intermediate Court Civil Judgment (2012) Fo Zhong Fa Zhi Min Chu Zi No. 352]

3. Pre-trial Behavior Preservation Case of Auction of Manuscript of QIAN Zhongshu's Epistles

Pre-litigation Behavior Preservation Case, Jikang YANG v. Sungari International Auction Co., Ltd. & Guoqiang LI [Beijing Second Intermediate Court Civil Ruling (2013) Er Zhong Bao Zi No. 9727]

4. Copyright Dispute Case of "Ultraman"

Re-trial Application Case on Copyright Infringement, Tsuburaya Productions, Shanghai Yu Gu Planning Co. Ltd. v. Sompote Saengduenchai, Chaiyo Publishing Ltd., Guangzhou Book Center Co., Ltd., Shanghai Audiovisual Press [Supreme Court Civil Ruling (2011) Min Shen Zi No. 259]

5. Trade Secret Infringement Dispute Case of Relevant Resin Patent Information

Appellate Case on Trade Secret Infringement, Si Group, SI Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. v. Hua Qi (Zhangjiagang) Chemical Co., Ltd., Jie XU [Shanghai High Court Civil Judgment (2013) Hu Gao Min San (Zhi) Zhong Zi No. 93]

6. Standard Essential Patent Royalty Fee Case

Appellate Case on Standard Essential Patent Royalty Fee, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. v. InterDigital (IDC) [Guangdong High Court Civil Judgment (2013) Yue Gao Fa Min San Zhong Zi No. 305]

7. Contract Dispute Case Confirming Invalidation of License Agreement of "Liang You 996" Variety Right

Appellate Case on Confirming Invalidation of New Plant Variety Right License Agreement, Fujian ChaoDa Modern Seed Industry Co., Ltd. v. Rice Research Institute of Anhui Academy of Agricultural Science [Anhui High Court Civil Ruling (2012) Wan Min San Zhong Zi No. 81]

II. Intellectual Property Administrative Cases

8. Well-known Mark Protection Case of "Power Dekor in Chinese"

Arraigned Case on Trademark Administrative Dispute, Power Dekor Group Ltd. v. the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, Hebei Guang Tai Gypsum Mining Co. Ltd. [Supreme Court Administrative Judgment (2013) Xing Ti Zi No. 24]

9. Trademark Administrative Dispute Case of Generic Name "Jin Jun Mei in Chinese"

Appellate Case on Administrative Dispute of Trademark Opposition Appeal, Wuyishan Paulownia Tea Co., Ltd. v. the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, Fujian Wuyishan National Nature Reservation Zhengshan Tea Co., Ltd. [Beijing High Court Administrative Judgment (2013) Gao Xing Zhong Zi No. 1767]

III. Intellectual Property Criminal Cases

10. Criminal Case of Counterfeiting Registered Trademark on Edible Oil

Counterfeiting Registered Trademark Case, 28 Individuals of Lian Gui ZONG, etc. [Henan High Court Criminal Ruling (2013) Yu Fa Zhi Xing Zhong Zi No. 2]

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