Recently, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) issued 2015 Global Innovation Index Report. The report shows that mainland China ranked the list of 29 with 47.47 points, the same as that of last year, while ranking first in upper middle income countries.

According to statistics, China received 928,000 patent applications in 2014, ranking first in the world for four consecutive years; accepted 2,285,400 applications for trademark registration, having been ranking the first for 13 consecutive years. While China ranks the 29th of the Global Innovation Index Report, which obviously does not match with the above-mentioned IP achievement of China. It addresses the challenge for China to innovate, as leading the filing number is not China's goal; improving innovation quality becomes their top priority.

Nevertheless, the report also suggests China's improvement in innovation quality, the country outperformed most of the developing countries and topped in the indexes of talent cultivation, innovation environment, market maturity, commercial maturity, knowledge and technology innovation output among these countries. Many in the industry believes it's a reflection of China's transform from 'innovation quantity' to 'innovation quality'. (Source: China Intellectual Property News)

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