In order to reduce delays caused by incomplete applications, as of Tuesday, 1 March, trade and business licensing applications must be submitted directly to the Business Licensing Counter, in the Government Administration Building; and in the presence of the person submitting the documents, counter staff will check the application in order to ensure that it is complete.

Applications will no longer be accepted either by mail, or by persons dropping them off at the counter and leaving immediately thereafter, because of the volume of incomplete applications that were received in this manner.

'Rather than just putting the applications aside, counter staff would try instead to contact persons in order to get their applications into the system for processing', said Department of Commerce and Investment Director Ryan Rajkumarsingh.

'However, this still resulted in delays not just for the persons who submitted incomplete applications, but also for persons whose documentation was complete, because instead of processing applications the counter staff were trying to track down persons who needed to provide additional documentation', he explained.

To submit an application, individuals – or their designate – must produce documentation in person, by visiting the counter, between 9am and 4pm, Monday through Friday; and wait for the counter staff to check their documentation. Generally, the wait will be no longer than 15 minutes, Mr Rajkumarsingh said.

For more information on trade and business licensing, please call DCI on 945-0943 or email

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