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The High Court held that the assignment of non-contractual debt remedies is not effective unless expressly provided for.
Seven has appealed against Sackville J's decision in Seven Network Limited & Anor v News Limited & Ors [2007] FCA 1062 (the C7 Decision). The appeal signals the possibility that the case already described by the judge as "mega-litigation" will continue well into the future.
By David Watkins, Mark Goldsmith
On 29 March 2007, the Government introduced Tax Laws Amendment Bill 2007, which contains the proposed changes to the Venture Capital Limited Partnership regime and the creation of the Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership regime.
By David Watkins, Mark Goldsmith
The ascendency in recent years of the private equity sector has brought with it some unwelcome public profile and resultant scrutiny evidenced by the fiscal and regulatory reviews currently being undertaken in a number of prominent countries.