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By Mariel Hoch
1.1 What regulates M&A? Swiss M&A transactions related to public companies are mainly governed by the Swiss Financial Market Infrastructure Act ("FMIA"; including its implementing ordinances)...
By Christoph Suter, Susanne Schreiber
In line with its historical inclination to favour multilateral initiatives over isolated unilateral activism, Switzerland has committed to adopt the measures defined as ‘minimum standard'...
By Daniel Flühmann, Peter Hsu
Switzerland has long established itself as an attractive base for cutting-edge technological innovators, notably in ancial sector and related areas.
By Daniel Flühmann
With Switzerland continuing to be among the dominant jurisdictions for establishing and developing blockchain-driven businesses, many of which are financed by way of ICOs ...
By Matthew Reiter, Simone Burlet-Fuchs
Switzerland is a civil law jurisdiction. Accordingly, the primary sources of legal authority are written codes and statutes, whereas case law is of less importance than in common law jurisdictions.
By Ruth Bloch-Riemer, Michael Schneider
Der vorliegende Beitrag ruft die rechtliche Qualifikation des Lohnausweises und die damit verbundenen strafund steuerrechtlichen Risiken in Erinnerung, welche insbesondere in spezielleren Konstellationen von Bedeutung sind.
By Cesare Jermini, Salome Eichenberger
Il nuovo Regolamento europeo sulla protezione dei dati (GDPR) entrerà in vigore il 25 maggio 2018.
By Markus Schott
What is the basis of environmental policy in your jurisdiction and which agencies/bodies administer and enforce environmental law?
By Mani Reinert
The FAC further held that in the case at hand the recommended resale prices would act as recommended maximum prices, hence not restricting competition.
By Peter Reinarz, Christoph Suter, Daniel Lehmann
There are no specific rules in Swiss tax law on securities lending and borrowing ("SLB") or REPO transactions.
By Tina Wüstemann, Daniel Leu
Swiss adult protection law is based on the right to self-determination. It provides for two instruments in this regard: an advance care directive (so-called Vorsorgeauftrag) and a living will...
By Andreas D. Länzlinger, Sarah Mahmud
There are no provisions in Swiss law that would explicitly direct a company to conduct an internal investigation.
By Saverio Lembo, Andrew Garbarski, Anne Valérie Julen Berthod
In Switzerland, statistics show a trend where increasing numbers of corporate entities face prosecution.
By Roman Huber
Das Bundesgericht hatte im vorliegenden zur amtlichen Publikation vorgesehenen Urteil eine von der Klägerin und Beschwerdeführerin geltend gemachte Täuschung (E. 3.1– 3.4.3) sowie einen...
By Rashid Bahar, Martin Peyer
On 5 December 2017, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA published its new circular 2018/3 'Outsourcing – Banks and Insurance Companies'.
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