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By Saverio Lembo
The contours of legal professional privilege vary from one jurisdiction to another. In transnational internal investigations or in multi-jurisdictional criminal proceedings.
By Susanne Schreiber, Christoph Suter, Peter Reinarz
Swiss Tax Reform Package Approved.
By Susanne Schreiber, Cyrill Diefenbacher
The OECD published in October 2015 an action plan comprising 15 measures to fight base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) of companies in the international tax environment.
By Markus Wang, Jonas Bornhauser
The Swiss healthcare ecosystem is rather complex, as it combines aspects of managed competition and corporatism in a decentralised regulatory framework.
By Oliver Rüdlinger
Bauvorhaben sind komplex und erfordern durchdachte Werkverträge. In der Praxis wird dabei meist die Norm SIA 118 für anwendbar erklärt. Professionelle Bauherren bestehen ...
By Christoph Neeracher, Luca Jagmetti
1.1 What are the most common types of private equity transactions in your jurisdiction?
By Daniel Flühmann, Eric Stupp, Peter Hsu, Rashid Bahar
The Swiss fintech and crypto landscape has evolved significantly over the past years, leading up to a recent boost in regulatory developments with further changes on the horizon.
By Aurélie Conrad Hari, Andrew Garbarski
The attachment of a debtor's assets is a very convenient tool for securing the recovery of an outstanding claim.
By Daniel Flühmann, Philippe Seiler
Initial coin offerings (ICOs) or token sales as alternative financing methods continue to generate increasing interest – in particular in Switzerland.
By Daniel Flühmann, Peter Hsu
The Swiss fintech landscape has evolved significantly over the past few years and Switzerland continues to be an attractive base for innovators in the financial sector.
By Peter Reinarz, Susanne Schreiber, Christoph Suter
After the rejection of the IIIrd Corporate Tax Reform package through a popular referendum held in February 2017, the Federal Council finally released a revised legislative bill ...
By Christoph Suter, Cyrill Diefenbacher
Initial coin offerings (ICOs) – the blockchain-based issuance of tokens or crypto-currencies for the purpose of fundraising – are a hot topic at the moment.
By Mani Reinert
Colgate-Palmolive Europe Srl (ehemals Gaba International AG) („Colgate-Palmolive") hatte mit der Gebro Pharma GmbH („Gebro") (sterreich) 1982 einen ...
By Peter Hsu, Rashid Bahar
In the aftermath of the fi nancial crisis of 2008/2009, Switzerland launched a massive overhaul of its fi nancial regulations.
By Mani Reinert
Colgate-Palmolive Europe Sàrl hatte mit Gebro Pharma GmbH 1982 einen Lizenzvertrag zur Herstellung und zum Vertrieb von Elmex-Produkten abgeschlossen.
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