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By Tony Allen
Tony Allen Senior Consultant to CEDR explains what this means for the requirement for written signed agreements for a binding mediated settlement.
By James South
Artificial Intelligence (AI), the notion that computerised systems can replace human thought processes and interactions, continues to gain traction in all areas of life
By Ana Virginia Bauder
Anyone contemplating using a commercial mediator to resolve their dispute needs to have their own confident answer to this question.
By James South
In my years at CEDR, I have seen the organisation be involved in the development of the use of mediation into all different areas of our society.
By Ben Thomson
The CEDR New Dialogues programme is back following a successful inaugural training in October 2017 which saw 40 young leaders from the world's of government,
By Eileen Carroll
The recent 2018 biennial CEDR mediation audit reported mediators observing a significant resistance (25% of comments) to joint meetings at the start of a mediation day.
By Tracey Fox
It was an early start on a grey rainy day for the 4 ½ – hour journey to the venue and on arrival I found that we had only 2 rooms booked
By Philip Williams
I was asked for my thoughts on this article in which a Microsoft executive is described as using her hobby for her work in a fairly creative way to get the upper hand in negotiations.
By Ned Collier
The UN Group of Friends, part of the UN Peacemaker, was set up in 2010 to promote mediation as a tool, particularly in conflict zones.
By James South
Three recent interactions at a conference I spoke at on Investor-State Mediation in Abu Dhabi, hosted by Abu Dhabi Global Market, reinforced a message that I am beginning to hear more and more frequently.
By Frederick Way
The case of barrister Rehana Popal who was asked to return a case by her instructing solicitor because the client wanted a white male is truly dispiriting.
By James South
These examples demonstrate the diversity and power of the mediation process.
By Karl Mackie
What struck me too, however, was how often others around that person in the workplace, are also affected.
By Karl Mackie
The furore over the recent draft Brexit withdrawal agreement has taken us into uncharted waters in terms of parliamentary leadership.
By Fiona Colquhoun, Andrew Fiddy, Joachim Muller
Participants in mediation will often seek reassurance on this matter.