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By Juliano Zorzi
The original goal of this mecha­nism is to avoid irreversible losses to lessor due to a delay in obtai­ning relief, should it be impossi­ble to negotiate a guarantee or in case of its later extinguishment, for any reason.
By Ana De Souza, Felipe Furcolini
Ten years ago, PROINFA, a Federal Government's program for the de¬velopment of alternative sources of power generation, was launched.
By Maria Flavia Gemperli, Marina Cavalli
In late 2013, the City Government started a legislative process to review the LPUOR.
By Lucas Scaff
The end of 2014 left an important legacy to Civil Aviation after the expiry of the period for conversion of Provisional Measure No. 652, which regulated the Regional Aviation Development Program ("RADP").
By Mauro Bardawil Penteado, Letícia Oliveira Lins de Alencar
By establishing the National Solid Waste Policy, Law No. 12,305/2010 has brought undeniable progress to the legal treatment applicable to solid waste management servi­ces.
By Gláucia Coelho, Renata De Oliveira, Carolina Mascarenhas
The Commercial Law Day, in its second edition, approved 10 new statements dealing with a company's crisis.
By Diogo Carneiro, Lígia Mussi
Stating that contracts are designed to be respected does not puzzle or sound strange to anyone.
By Roberta Danelon Leonhardt, Daniela Stump
The Ministry of the Environment has announced the extension of the term for all rural properties to be enrolled in the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR).
By Ivana Coelho Bomfim
The obligation of prior registration of the offer existed way before the publication of the new Resolution.
By Carolina Rodrigues, Murilo Germiniani
On its turn, although Brazilian labor courts accept the enforcement of non-solicitation and non-poaching obligations without requiring any compensation, such obligations ends up being easy to be circumvented...
By Rodrigo Fermann
The approval of the new Code of Civil Procedure (CPC), which will take effect in March 2016, brings many challenges to be met by those involved in the process.
By Machado Meyer
Decree No. 8,463/2015 regulated the tax measures relating to the Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in Brazil in 2016.
By Camila Leão Borges
The new decree reduced to zero the PIS and COFINS rates levied on the following financial income...
By José Prado, Lucas Sant Anna
The funds will come from the private sector, since the calculation of the R$198.4 billion takes into account only the investments to be made by the concessionaires in the granted infrastructure.
By Raquel Novais, Daniella Zagari, Marco Behrndt, Fernando Tonanni, Celso Costa, Marcelo Fortes, Camila Silva, Tiago Dockhorn
The Federal Official Gazette published on December 24, 2012, SINIEF Adjustment nº 27/2012, which postponed to May 1st, 2013, the beginning of the mandatory presentation of the Import Content Report (Ficha de Conteúdo de Importação - "FCI"), provided for by SINIEF Adjustment 19/2012.