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By Vincent Brown
The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is a UK-wide environmental initiative.
Security of tenure for business tenants in England and Wales can make it costly and time consuming for landlords to recover possession for redevelopment.
In 2008, landowners in England and Wales lost relief from business rates for empty property. In those countries, there is now only a 3 month exemption period for non-industrial properties and a 6 month exemption period for industrial properties – and full business rates are payable following the exemption periods.
By June Gilles
The recent decision in the case of Hamilton v Nairn has clarified what constitutes a public road in Scotland, and may provide valuable support for developers in Scotland facing opposition to their development by third parties using "ransom strips" on the verges of public roads to prevent access to the developer’s land.
If your business is expanding, you may well need additional space.
By Vincent Brown
A young girl, living close to a waste disposal site operated by Hinton Organics Wessex Ltd, has failed in her bid to judicially review a number of decisions taken by the Environment Agency (EA).
By Vincent Brown
Subject to certain conditions, and provided a certificate from the HMRC has been issued, waste generated from the clean up of contaminated land, and disposed of to landfill, has always been exempt from the imposition of landfill tax.
By Vincent Brown
The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) have recently launched a new Publicly Available Specification (PAS) meaning that there is now a published standard for the recycling of plasterboard into quality assured gypsum.
By Vincent Brown
Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has launched two new funding programmes to reduce waste and promote recycling.
By Stuart MacFarlane
The Construction Industry is one of the UK’s biggest industries and is often referred to as being a pillar of the UK economy.
By Vincent Brown
The core issue is of fundamental importance, with massive industrial and commercial impact - what are the legal criteria that have to be met in order to process a waste stream into a non-waste secondary product or raw material?