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By Danielle Pelot, Emily Harlan
The D.C. Circuit's decision clarifies that an attorney-client communication is protected as long as a significant purpose of the communication is obtaining or providing legal advice.
There’s a new player seated at the financial table: hedge funds. While hedge funds "were originally designed to invest in equity securities and use leverage and short selling to ‘hedge’ the portfolio’s exposure to movements of the equity markets, hedge funds utilize a wide variety of investment strategies and techniques."
There is a high likelihood that some regulations will be imposed on hedge funds in the US. The question is not so much if there will be regulation, but when and how much. This article considers the factors driving regulation.
Litigation, by its very nature, is backward looking.Trial counsel act as legal archeologists, attempting to determine what went wrong and when.Thus, litigation offers a unique opportunity to examine, with 20/20 hindsight, the issues and actions that led to failure.
By Peter Durant
The Internet is the world’s largest repository of information. To cull the Internet trove efficiently, many parties have deployed automated search tools, often referred to as crawlers or spiders, to "mine" data residing on other Web sites.
By Mark Berman, Mark Berman
Ever since the 7th Circuit’s decision in Precision Industries, Inc. v. Qualitech Steel SBQ, LLC, 327 F. 3rd 537(7th Cir. 2003), bankruptcy practitioners and lessees have wondered if, in the context of a debtor-in-possession or a trustee sale of real estate free and clear of any interests in the property under Section 363(f), they could protect the lessee’s Section 365(h) right to remain in possession of leased real estate when the lease is rejected.