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By Jason Lambeth
The proposed ASX changes will apply to companies who are considering listing on the ASX or who are already listed.
By Julie Kneebon, Roland Hassall
This "anti-double-dipping bill" aims to reduce benefits to workers who receive parental leave from their employers.
By Mark Doepel, Kerri Thomas
This article covers medical negligence, violence, rare diseases and other developments in state health care sectors.
By Carlie Holt, Ian Bennett
This WHS decision clarified the interpretation of s 19 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW).
By Alistair Talbert
This case affects employment contracts that would offset employee allowances entitled to under relevant industry awards.
By Sarah Wood
Lawyers are pretty good at figuring it out quietly and amicably among themselves, without recourse to a public courtroom.
By James Johnson
This issue explores the main first party losses that businesses can suffer after a cyber-breach and how to address them.
By Carolyn Coventry
Head contractors cannot reasonably be expected to continuously supervise or intervene in all activities at a work site.
By Janice Nand
We look at some key outcomes in the first two years of operation and ask what it has meant in practice for employers.
By Bill Kritharas, Katherine Agapitos
The case highlights risks that the Commonwealth Government faces when managing alleged instances of mental health issues.
By Ashley Cahif
There are some common challenges to a liquidated damages regime and steps to take to ensure your regime is enforceable.
By Ashley Cahif
This recent case marked the first award of aggravated damages by the Federal Privacy Commissioner in a determination.
By Janice Nand
The article examines some key outcomes in the first two years of operation and what the orders have meant for employers.
By Ashley Cahif
The ANAO has recently conducted an audit on limited tender processes undertaken by Commonwealth Government entities.
By Ben Dube
There has been a range of recent legal developments that affect privacy, child abuse claims and workers compensation.
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