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By Gill Grassie
A recent judgement of the English High Court decided an important new point on what amounts to an exclusive patent licence.
By Manus Quigg, Keith Kilburn
It is fair to say that the insolvency of Carillion has sent shockwaves through the construction industry. While this may be the catalyst for change ...
By Graeme Leith
This is the latest in a series of blogs in which we follow the progress of the Forestry and Land Management (Scotland) Bill. You can read our previous updates here.
By Jane McMonagle, Alistair McLean, Juliet Haldane
The Construction (Retention Deposit Schemes) Bill has received its first reading in the House of Commons and will proceed to a second reading on 27 April 2018. As it is a private members' Bill...
By Julie Keir
It is unlawful under the Equality Act 2010 to discriminate in the workplace because of religion, religious belief, or philosophical belief, or lack of religion or belief.
By Lucy Deakin
The concept of Open Banking has been in the retail banking pipeline for a while now. As its full implementation draws closer, what does it mean and how will this affect banking services in the UK?
By Kirsty McGuinness
As a family lawyer, it is always enlightening to hear about examples of successful co-parenting. Over the Christmas period, divorced Drew Barrymore took to social media ...
By Alan Eccles
This will affect society lotteries (and the associated external lottery managers and charities) and in particular umbrella, branded or multiple society lotteries.
By Michael Way Of Plean
It can take time to get any enterprise, particularly a small business, up and running. And it's taken nearly two and a half years ...
By Jane McMonagle, Alistair McLean, Sarah McConnell
The Contract (Third Party Rights) (Scotland) Bill was passed by the Scottish Parliament on 21 September 2017 and received Royal Assent on 30 October 2017.
By Liam Lane
The Working Time Regulations 1998 give workers an entitlement to various kinds of rest (including rest breaks during the working day).
By James Roscoe
The UK government has this week published the UK Anti-Corruption Strategy 2017 – 2022. Amongst other things, the government has renewed its commitment to introduce a public register ...
By Clive Phillips
This years' Oxford Farming Conference gave some powerful political and commercial signals as to what lies ahead for the future of the rural sector.
By Will Rollinson
In the recent case of Basra v BJSS, it was decided that a tribunal can hear evidence of pre-termination negotiations in an unfair dismissal case if the date of termination is in dispute, and that evidence is relevant...
By Alan Eccles
The recent sheriff court decision in D v Victim Support Scotland covers issues on which all charities should be aware.
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