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By Mark Kendrick
To quote from the Nazi dentist played by Laurence Olivier in the movie Marathon Man; "Is it safe?"; well for a buyer's solicitor it may not be if there is a fake seller.
By Alison Downie
Judgement was recently given by the Court of Appeal on a landmark case in the field of employment, Pimlico Plumbers and Mullins v Gary Smith, which has been working its way though the courts.
By Freya Marks
On 8 February 2017, a judgment was handed down in the Supreme Court, in a case concerning a requirement in a fairly obscure piece of legislation...
By Katee Dias
Major developments in employment law are expected to take place in 2017, Katee Dias outlines the main changes.
By Paul Herbert
On 10 January 2017, the European Commission presented its formal proposals for a new ePrivacy Regulation. These represent an overhaul of privacy rules relating to direct marketing, cookies...
By Paul Webb
Question: what is the extent of solicitors' duty of disclosure, and in particular is there a duty to disclose information gained from acting for one client to another?
By James Daglish
The high profile closure of Fabric, and recent resolution to enable it to re-open, may seem a far cry from the average retail food offering.
By Jonathan Haydn-Williams
Jonathan Haydn-Williams has made a written submission to Lord Justice Jackson's review of "Fixed Recoverable Costs".
By Freya Marks
IHT is taxed at a rate of 40%, however tax will only be payable on the value of the estate which exceeds the overall tax free amount (the RNRB and NRB).
By Goodman Derrick LLP
The Technology and Construction Court (TCC) decided that the costs of claims consultants assisting in adjudication enforcement proceedings can be recovered as disbursements, assuming that those consultants acted in the adjudication.
By Paul Herbert
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents the new legal framework of data protection law across the EU and is due to come into force on the 25 May 2018.
By Paul Herbert
This is how the EC set the scene for the publication of these Proposals.
By Katee Dias
One of my team members has posted a comment on his personal Facebook page saying that he hates his work, our customers and his colleagues.
By Katee Dias
Happy New Year! As the celebrations have now passed and it is back to work, let's look at some employment law developments coming up in 2017.
By Paul McAndrews
The hidden, devastating, effects of compound interest have been considered in a previous GD Online article (Extreme Service Charge; June 2015) concerning service charge payments...
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