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By Tray Hairston
The role of government as it pertains to economic development is not to create jobs. It is to create an environment where the private sector is encouraged to create jobs and investment.
By E. Barney Robinson III
In the recent Third Circuit decision United States of America, ex rel. Gerasimos Petratos, et al. v. Genentech Inc; et al., No. 15-3805, 2017 WL 1541919 (3d Cir. May 1, 2017)...
By Benjamin L. Mitchell
The "sunrise" period for registering .health domain names opens on May 8, 2017.
By Charles Malone
In 2015, to much fanfare, the Tennessee Supreme Court created the Davidson County Business Court Pilot Project ("Business Court").
By Robert Frey
The Washington Supreme Court just handed a defeat to Washington State liability insurers, holding that ProBuilders Specialty Insurance Company had a duty to defend a carbon monoxide poisoning case...
By Samantha Moore
In rounding out his first 100 days in office, President Trump released an overview of his proposed tax plan
By Memrie Fortenberry
A number of compliance-related regulations have threshold amounts below which institutions are exempt from compliance requirements.
By J. Clifford Harrison
Who thinks that bank regulatory relief and federal highway funding have anything in common?
By J. Clifford Harrison
As we reported in November, the CFPB issued a final rule on October 15, 2015 amending Regulation C to implement changes to HMDA made by the Dodd-Frank Act requiring financial institutions...
By Melonie S. Wright
A recent repeal of federal consumer privacy rules has opened the door to potential sharing and use of sensitive, consumer data with only individual state privacy laws standing in the way.
By Andrew Tharp
In 2014, Ricardo Agnant, a.k.a. "Maserati Rick," snuck into an NFL Regional Combine at the Miami Dolphins' training center. An NFL Regional Combine is a selective NFL-sanctioned event that provides aspiring NFL athletes a forum to showcase their talents.
By William R. O'Bryan, Jr.
The Tennessee Court of Appeals refused to let a litigant weasel out of a negotiated and binding agreement to settle disputed claims. Tim Grace v. Jeanna Grace d/b/a Grace Trucking.
By Anna Morris
Here in the Fifth Circuit, prisoner appeals still make up over forty percent of the court's caseload – with only a tenth of those appeals ultimately decided in favor of the prisoner plaintiff.
By W. Jeff McGoff
The arcane rules surrounding partnership audits rarely, if ever, come up, and most people don't even know that they exist.
By Lea Ann Smith
The question of whether plaintiffs' counsel should be permitted to have unfettered ex parte communication with treating and prescribing physicians has been heavily litigated.
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