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By Paul Murphy
The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals recently took up the controversial issue of whether a liquidating trustee's lawsuit, alleging breach of fiduciary duty against a corporate debtor's officers...
By Carol Montgomery, Jim Letten
So the landscape—like dunes—shifts yet again…at least regarding what you can and can't carry onto international flights…well, some of them anyway.
By Adelee T. Seidel
If you find yourself in the middle of a trademark infringement dispute, you might want to consider the defense of fair use.
By Anna Morris
Congress may have intended some or all of these results, or Congress may not have considered them at all.
By David Johnson
Encouraged by health insurance companies, workplace wellness programs have become trendy. Wellness programs help prevent disease and encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyles.
By A. David Fawal
While it is possible that with four decades of music, Joni Mitchell's lyrics have been referenced in a court opinion before, I'd venture a guess that Ms. Mitchell has never made an appearance in an ESI case.
By Robert Frey
We've used this headline before. We'll almost certainly use it again. The case this time, just handed down by the New York Court of Appeals, is Burlington Insurance Co. v. NYC Transit Authority.
By David Johnson
Recently, a Pennsylvania YMCA stopped showing cable news shows on the TVs in its gym because they were prompting political squabbles among its members.
By David Johnson
"Have a blessed day." "I'm praying for you." "Are you a believer?" "Would you be interested in attending church with me?" Comments and questions like those may be common in your workplace.
By Paul Murphy
Because the number of unsatisfied clients who find themselves in bankruptcy are filing malpractice lawsuits against their pre-bankruptcy counsel is on the rise so, too, is the number of attorneys...
By Gilbert Van Loon, Sarah Hoffmann
On June 9, 2017, Department of Labor final regulations and related guidance clarifying what it means to be an "investment advice" fiduciary to retirement plans and other specified savings vehicles ...
By Kara Shea, David Johnson, Bart Sisk
Few things get a business more fired up than a competitor "stealing" a group of its top performers.
By David Johnson
Clients like clear answers. "Is my noncompete agreement enforceable?" is a frequent question that, unfortunately, often doesn't have a clear answer. Over the years, Tennessee courts have grappled with...
By Andrew Tharp
It is Monday June 5, 2017 at 3 p.m., which means Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals is just hours away, and sound checks for CMA Fest have already begun to fill the air in downtown Nashville.
By Phil Abernethy
Mid-south Regulatory Compliance Group Quarterly Report Vol. 14 No. 2
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