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By Anna Morris
A million dollars in damages for melted ice cream. Cruel and unusual punishment for having to listen to country music.
By La'Toyia Slay
The social network giant, Facebook announced that the site would no longer allow advertisers to exclude specific racial and ethnic groups in the areas of housing, credit, or employment advertisements.
By Amanda Barbour
If you are not expecting a refund this year, you may be wondering what taxes have to do with your travel plans.
By Todd Photopulos
On Friday, January 27, 2017, President Donald Trump issued an executive order entitled "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States" that significantly...
By Carol Montgomery
The Eleventh Circuit ruled last week in a wrongful discharge turned Computer Fraud and Abuse Act ("CFAA") case, spinning the employee's case against his employer on its head.
By Jason Callen
I previously wrote on why the controversy over fake news stories on Facebook may cause concern for businesses operating open websites.
By Paul Murphy
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently took up the issue of a Chapter 11 Debtor's requirements to cure a loan default through its Chapter 11 plan.
By Kimbrely Dandridge
In the past year, but particularly in the months since November 9, we have been forced to deal with the harsh reality that our nation is severely divided.
By Benjamin L. Mitchell
For those updating Franchise Disclosure Documents this year, take note of some recent changes to Rhode Island's franchise law.
By Kevin Baltz
The Federal Trade Commission defines "puffing" as "'expressions that the consumer clearly understands to be pure sales rhetoric on which he should not rely in deciding whether to purchase...
By Jonathan Skrmetti
As recited in seemingly every brief and opinion involving the statute, the False Claims Act traces its history to the Civil War and efforts to deter and punish fraud on the Lincoln administration.
By J. Paul Varner, Sloane Jumper
The most important issue in the case was whether any portion of payments that UM received from exclusive providers was taxable.
By Melonie S. Wright
Thanks to recent decisions by the First and Second Circuit Courts of Appeals, tech companies will remain protected from liability for some of their users' uploaded content under the DMCA...
By Gadson William Perry, Michael McLaren
Currently pending before the Tennessee Supreme Court is a case that could change the face of personal-injury litigation in the state.
By Benjamin L. Mitchell
As a wise trademark owner, you are always watching. Watching for "problem" trademarks that would harm your brand. And one thing you may be watching closely is the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office...
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