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By Christian Jones
Below is this week's "Capitol Hill Healthcare Update"
By Adam Higgins
Below is the Federal Policy team's weekly preview, published each week when Congress is in session.
By Aaron R. Lancaster
A variety of privacy groups, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Digital Privacy Alliance and the Center for Digital Democracy, sent a letter to California lawmakers...
By Lindsay Holmes, Lee Rosebush, Lance Shea
FDA Issues Avocado and Hot Pepper Sampling Reports – The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has made available two reports related to the sampling of avocados and hot peppers
By Simone O. Otenaike
An international supermarket conglomerate operating in 17 countries worldwide recently announced that it will implement TE-FOOD's
By Brian P Bartish
Last weekend's G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, saw cryptocurrency regulation take a pivotal place on the global economic agenda
By Gregory Mersol
A claim is brought against a large employer contending that, although personnel decisions are made locally, it discriminates in pay and promotions on the basis of sex nationwide. Sound familiar?
By John Carney, Susrut Carpenter
Last week, at the American Conference Institute's 35th International Conference on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ...
By BakerHostetler  
The past quarter has seen several new types of class actions against insurers and new twists on the well-worn theory of total loss claims, as well as some new life breathed into long-running labor depreciation class...
By Alan Friel, Linda Goldstein, Amy R. Mudge, Randal M. Shaheen
Remember that 2015 Federal Communications Commission order that expanded the scope of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act?
By Aaron R. Lancaster
British and Dutch privacy regulators issued fines totaling approximately $1.2 million against ride-hailing company Uber over its 2016 data breach.
By Lynn Sessions, Alexandra Royal
Healthcare data can be up to 10 times more valuable to cyber criminals than credit card numbers, according to a report from the Department of Health & Human Services'
By John Lewis
The standards for determining when a party waives its right to arbitrate through participation in litigation have never been uniform among the circuits or easily applied.
By Lindsay Holmes, Lee Rosebush, Lance Shea
In addition, FDA continues to investigate the E. coli outbreak related to romaine lettuce.
By Christian Jones
Below is this week's "Capitol Hill Healthcare Update," which is posted on Mondays when Congress is in session.
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