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By Ryan Deane
If I ask my bank to transfer money from my account to another I would be surprised if the bank interferes in any way. After all if a bank receives a valid order to transfer money ...
By Robert Blackett
In the last decade a series of tort claims have been brought in the US against oil, gas and coal producers, power companies and car manufacturers seeking compensation ...
By Matthew Grunert, Emily Cabrera
One might assume that a public company's acquisition of another business would be a drain on that company's equity plan share reserve because of conversion ...
By Paul Ackerman, Gregory Miller
As noted in our recent update "Factual Questions May Preclude Early Resolution of Invalidity Under Section 101," the Federal Circuit recently recognized that when determining whether a patent claim ...
By Brian Mudge, Clifford Ulrich
On April 24, 2018, the United States Supreme Court decided two important cases addressing administrative patent trials, launched in 2012 by the America Invents Act (AIA).
By Matthew Grunert
Public companies should consider employee inducement awards and inducement plans as a tool in its overall compensation and equity strategy.
By Matthew Grunert, Emily Cabrera, Carolyn A. Exnicios
This proxy season has revealed an intensifying trend to address limitations on grants to non-employee directors in many long-term incentive plans ("LTIPs").
By Mark F Sundback, Kenneth L Wiseman, Andrew P Mina
On March 15, 2018, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("Commission") unanimously decided to change its policy regarding income tax allowances for Master Limited Partnerships ("MLPs")...
By Gregory Porter, Lee Davis
Communications between a client and registered patent agent who is doing authorized legal work for the client may be protected as privileged, the Texas State Supreme Court recently ruled on...
By Robin Russell, Ashley Harper
During and industry downturn, public disclosures of potential exposure to bankruptcy become more prominent for financially distressed companies, as well as for companies with exposure to distressed counterparties.
By Paul Silverstein, David Zdunkewicz
That two intermediary financial institutions were involved as conduits was immaterial in the Court's view.
By Matthew Grunert, Emily Cabrera, Carolyn A. Exnicios
Most of the ratios have been disclosed in narrative format, though some issuers have chosen to disclose in a tabular format.
By Andrews Kurth LLP
The U.S. Supreme Court has spoken: Dodd-Frank protection extends only to individuals who report violations of securities laws directly to the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC").
By Paul Ackerman
The Court also repeated the proposition from Berkheimer that "whether the claim elements or the claimed combination are well-understood, routine, conventional is a question of fact.
By Doris Rodríguez, Parker Lee
In our October 2016 alert, we described the potential for development of Mexican shale oil & gas. Perhaps we were a bit too optimistic on the timing of the bidding rounds ...
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