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By Catherine Hines
What is the proposed "border adjustment tax," and what does it mean for businesses?
By Adam Hamel
Late yesterday, the Seventh Circuit became the first federal appeals court to hold that Title VII's prohibition on discrimination on the basis of a person's sex also extends to sexual orientation.
By John Weaver
A University of South California study found that nearly 20% of all election-related tweets came from Twitterbots.
By Kevin Lin
Protect Your Company From Cyber Attacks.
By Henry Klementowicz
The case settles that the determination of rights to assets where title is held by a decedent may be resolved by a court other than the court overseeing the administration of an estate.
By Ralph Holmes
Testamentary in terrorem provisions, which compel forfeiture by a legatee upon unsuccessful challenge to the validity of an estate plan and/or its administration...
By Scott Harris
Charitable entities---schools, churches, fraternal organizations--- are largely dependent upon private financial contributions for their existence.
By Beth Deragon
Many businesses do not realize that when they hire employees in New Hampshire there are several filing requirements and regulations that must be followed.
By Adam Hamel
In 2016, Massachusetts voters passed a measure decriminalizing marijuana for recreational use.
By Adam Hamel
Earlier this month, the Supreme Court announced that it had decided not to hear the case of Gavin Grimm – the transgender student who sued his school district seeking access to the restroom...
By Ashley Scott
For the last two years, my husband and I have lived in our New Hampshire house during the summer months and at our house in Arizona the remainder of the year.
By Charla Bizios Stevens
One of the most problematic areas for employers is the balancing act which occurs between managing employee productivity and attendance while taking care not to tread on entitlement to "FMLA"...
By Beth Deragon
Yesterday Governor Sununu enacted his first law allowing gun owners to carry concealed loaded guns, without a license – effective immediately.
By Adam Hamel
As we reported in an earlier blog post, employers have been keeping an eye on the ongoing political fights over the rights of transgender persons to use restrooms that correspond to their gender identities.
By Gregory Smith, Elizabeth Mason
The United States Environmental Protection Agency recently modernized its implementation of its two primary self-disclosure incentive policies...
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