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By Alexandra Geiger
Earlier this week, Massachusetts House of Representatives voted unanimously to pass An Act Establishing the Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act...
By Laura B. Dodge
Other municipalities that already allowed ADUs subject to conditions have had to amend their ordinances to comply with the new law.
By Alexandra Geiger
In February, the NH Legislature considered a bill that would have prohibited discrimination based on gender identity.
By Charla Bizios Stevens
As an attorney who counsels employers through difficult personnel issues, I am often asked, sometimes even in general conversation, what issues are the "hottest" and most frequent I see in my practice.
By John Weaver
My family has grown very attached to our Amazon Echo, particularly for music. We can access Prime Music by asking Alexa for an artist, song, or station.
By Ramey Sylvester
Due to a shift in the interpretation and enforcement of the anti-kickback provisions of the RESPA, the residential real estate industry has chilled considerably on engaging in MSAs.
By Catherine Yao
Even though your trademark and your domain name may be the same word or phrase, it's important to understand that they are completely different things.
By Rachel Adams Ladeau
In Banner Health, the hospital-employer's interview script for conducting sexual harassment and hostile work environment investigations included a direction to the interviewer that s/he should request confidentiality from the interviewee regarding the ongoing investigation.
By Rachel Adams Ladeau
The Seventh Circuit ruled that the family of a woman murdered by her Home Depot supervisor at a family event could proceed against her former employer(s) on a theory of negligent supervision, hiring, and retention.
By Cameron Shilling
The digital age has heralded an explosive growth in the volume of information created, stored and transmitted on computers and mobile devices, over the Internet and broadband, and on social media sites.
By Catherine Hines
What is the proposed "border adjustment tax," and what does it mean for businesses?
By Adam Hamel
Late yesterday, the Seventh Circuit became the first federal appeals court to hold that Title VII's prohibition on discrimination on the basis of a person's sex also extends to sexual orientation.
By John Weaver
A University of South California study found that nearly 20% of all election-related tweets came from Twitterbots.
By Kevin Lin
Protect Your Company From Cyber Attacks.
By Henry Klementowicz
The case settles that the determination of rights to assets where title is held by a decedent may be resolved by a court other than the court overseeing the administration of an estate.
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