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By Diego Fernandez
There is no specific legislation in Argentina addressing Internet Service Providers' (ISPs) liability in connection with third-party generated content.
By Facundo Viel Temperley, Alejo Martin Gascon
Law No. 5672 was published in the Official Gazette of the City of Buenos Aires on December 13, 2016. It regulates and establishes new obligations to be complied with by those companies...
By Ricardo Beller, Maria De Los Milagros Abelenda
Commercial Court of Appeals confirms that an error in the declaration of a corporate domicile is a fineable offence.
By Walter Keiniger, María Inés Brandt, Sergio Daniel Vergara, Luciana Martina Virgile
By means of Law No. 27,346, important amendments to the Income Tax Law, the Special Regime for Small Taxpayers and to Value Added Tax are introduced. New taxes are also levied.
By Juan Diehl Moreno, Santiago Ezequiel Eraso Lomaquiz
The Central Bank of Argentina issued Communiqué "A" 6099 which aims to provide bank customers with a secure and easy-to-access online payment method.
By Diego Fernandez, Ines O Farrell
With the participation of its Director Eduardo Bertoni, the Argentine Data Protection Authority ("DPA") attended again the International Conference of Data Protection & Privacy Commissioners...
By Juan Diehl Moreno, Maria del Rocio Beccar Varela
The lower court judge had rejected the lawsuit, in which the plaintiff claimed compensation for a dismissal without cause and the payment owed for sale commissions.
By Gabriel Gotlib, Maria Castelli
On December 23, 2016, the US ambassadors and Alberto Abad signed an agreement for the exchange of tax information on request.
By Rodrigo Sola Torino, Walter Mañko
Within the framework of the Dialogue meeting for Production and Labor, on November 23 the importance of strengthening the creation of work process observed in recent months...
By Enrique Stile, Maria Ines Menvielle
The disposition of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security establishes as an essential requirement to present a medical report...
By Rodrigo Sola Torino, Maria Ines Menvielle
The Argentine National Registry of Recidivism modified the fees for obtaining the Criminal Records Certificate and created a new express delivery modality.
By Rodrigo Sola Torino, Maria Ines Menvielle
Through Resolution 540 - E/2016, the National Immigration Office established that Canadian citizens are exempt of visa for business purposes.
By José Llano, Manuel Rocca
A rise and permanent update of labor conciliator and conciliation fees was instated, along with the creation of the Professional Labor Conciliator Fee Unit.
By María Schiariti, Julieta Monteroni
Decree No. 1179/2016 implements the regime regarding the granting of gifts to public officers.
By Walter Keiniger, María Inés Brandt, Mariana Batalle
The Federal Court of Appeals revoked an Argentine Tax Court decision and concluded that stock options fall under the scope of Income Tax.
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