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By Rodrigo Sola Torino, Maria Ines Menvielle
By Resolution of ‘RENAPER', starting November 1st 2017, the digital Argentine National Identity Card (or valid passport) will be required to travel to Mercosur countries and Associated States.
By José Llano, Manuel Rocca
The Argentine President determined through Decree No. 1117/2016 the types of work, activities, occupations and tasks that are dangerous for people under the age of 18.
By Pedro Espelta, Gustavo Morales Oliver, Ayelén López Camino
On October 20, 2016, the Government presented a bill proposing criminal liability for companies involved in certain cases of corruption (the "Bill").
By Pedro Espelta, Gustavo Morales Oliver, Maria del Rocio Beccar Varela
The ISO 37001 standard on "Anti-bribery Management Systems" was published on October 15, 2016.
By Horacio Garcia Prieto, Jimena Carmen Milessi
Having failed to comply with the collection of payment of exports is no longer an obstacle to receiving tax refunds related to other export operations.
By Walter Keiniger, María Inés Brandt, Ignacio Aberastain Diz
In order to make the Tax Amnesty Regime more attractive for taxpayers, the Argentine Provinces, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and Municipalities were officially invited to adhere, adopting measures...
By Walter Keiniger, María Inés Brandt, Luciana Martina Virgile, Juan Osman Moreno
On July 13, 2016 Law No. 27,264 of Promotion of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises was sanctioned and later published on the Official Gazette on August 1, 2016 (the "Promotion Law").
By Walter Keiniger, María Inés Brandt, Maria Gonzalez
With the launch, by means of Law No. 27,260 of a Tax Amnesty Regime and Moratorium, and by means of the Federal Tax Authority's General Resolutions No. 3919 and No. 3920...
By Pablo Cereijido, Walter Keiniger, María Inés Brandt, Maria Alejandra Stefanich
On October 13, 2016, the Argentine Government extended Tax Amnesty Regime benefits to saving and capitalization insurance hired abroad.
By Gustavo Giay, Diego Fernandez
Starting on September 15, 2016, "Digital search warrant orders" for public prosecutors and courts of the province of Córdoba are operational.
By Diego Fernandez, Ines O Farrell
The National Court of Appeals in Civil Matters stated that court actions which aim to suppress information provided through the Internet are under the jurisdiction of the federal courts
By Pedro Espelta, Gustavo Morales Oliver, Ayelén López Camino
Congress approved a bill granting penalty reductions to those investigated for bribery –or certain other crimes– who effectively collaborate with the authorities.
By María Schiariti, Enrique Veramendi
As from October 2016, a set of amendments to the framework governing Federal Government Procurement have entered into force.
By Walter Keiniger, María Inés Brandt, Tomas Enrique Garcia Botta
The Contentious Administrative Court of Appeals of La Plata has confirmed that, regarding the statute of limitations, the Civil Code is applicable to tax periods prior to August 2015...
By Diego Fernandez, Ines O Farrell
The Federal Court of Appeals of the Province of Cordoba sanctioned Facebook Argentina SRL for failing to notify that a FB profile was fake.
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