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By Pablo Gayol
Federal Court of Appeals on Administrative Matters rejects summary proceedings for Mercado a Término de Rosario S.A. –Rofex– dollar futures cases.
By Gustavo Giay, Diego Fernandez
In June 2016 the Data Protection Authority ("DPA") issued a press release fostering a process of rethinking the current Data Protection Law.
By Roberto Silva, Jr., Francisco Abeal, Agustin Lopez Roualdes
The Financial Information Unit established a "know your client" practice for foreign and local investors who wish to request the opening of special investment accounts in the Republic of Argentina...
By Santiago Carregal, María Schiariti, Enrique Veramendi
The Federal Executive Branch approved the implementing regulations to the recent law on Public-Private Partnership contracts.
By Gonzalo Fontana, Julia Sainz
During 2016, once again we reached our objective of bringing the law to people and vulnerable sectors of our community so they may have access to justice.
By Juan Diehl Moreno, Maria del Rocio Beccar Varela
The Civil Court of Appeals resolved that the annual interest rate on a debt in US Dollars must not exceed 8% in concept of compensatory interest, or 4% in concept of punitive interest.
By Pablo Gayol
These Guidelines regulate risk management by financial institutions of the exposure resulting from foreign exchange transactions.
By Walter Keiniger, María Inés Brandt, Mariana Batalle
Pursuant to General Resolution (AFIP) No. 3986, the "FIC" must be requested by Argentine financial institutions and by financial agents authorized by and registered with the Argentine Securities Commission.
By Pablo Gayol
This banking account allows certain qualifying entities to open bank accounts for investment purposes with simpler requirements.
By Pablo Gayol
Any exporter who desires to export certain agricultural products must complete and register a sworn statement the immediate business day after the sale is agreed.
By Diego Fernandez
There is no specific legislation in Argentina addressing Internet Service Providers' (ISPs) liability in connection with third-party generated content.
By Facundo Viel Temperley, Alejo Martin Gascon
Law No. 5672 was published in the Official Gazette of the City of Buenos Aires on December 13, 2016. It regulates and establishes new obligations to be complied with by those companies...
By Ricardo Beller, Maria De Los Milagros Abelenda
Commercial Court of Appeals confirms that an error in the declaration of a corporate domicile is a fineable offence.
By Walter Keiniger, María Inés Brandt, Sergio Daniel Vergara, Luciana Martina Virgile
By means of Law No. 27,346, important amendments to the Income Tax Law, the Special Regime for Small Taxpayers and to Value Added Tax are introduced. New taxes are also levied.
By Juan Diehl Moreno, Santiago Ezequiel Eraso Lomaquiz
The Central Bank of Argentina issued Communiqué "A" 6099 which aims to provide bank customers with a secure and easy-to-access online payment method.
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