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By Pablo Cereijido, Maria del Rocio Beccar Varela
The Superintendence of Insurance amended the Argentine reinsurance regulatory framework: (i) allowing more placement of risks with foreign admitted reinsurers; ...
By Rodrigo Sola Torino, Maria Ines Menvielle
Resolution No. 137-E/2017, published in the Official Gazette on March 28, 2017, states the visa exemption for Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development´s (OECD) country members...
By Roberto Silva, Jr., Francisco Abeal, Lucia Repetto
On November 16, 2016, the Argentine Congress passed the Support for Entrepreneurial Activity Law No. 27,349...
By Gabriel Gotlib, Diego Krischcautzky, Maria Castelli
On April 12, 2017 Law No 27,349 on Entrepreneurship was published in the Official Gazette.
By Roberto Silva, Jr., Francisco Abeal, Agustin Lopez Roualdes
At the time of imposing the fines, the Central Bank considered that Banco Galicia had breached its duty to implement appropriate "know your customer" policies regarding Messrs.
By María Schiariti, Agustina Chaufan
The Bill defines "advocacy or lobbying" as any activity which seeks to influence the decision-making process of officers exercising public functions...
By Patricia Lopez Aufranc, Maria Paluszkiewicz
On April 4, 2017, Resolution No. 13-E/2017 (the "Resolution") of the Office of General Counsel (Procuración del Tesoro de la Nación) (the "General Counsel") was published in the Official Gazette...
By María Schiariti, Enrique Veramendi, Julieta Monteroni
The Argentine Federal Executive Branch approved the implementing regulation to the Law on Access to Public Information.
By Gustavo Giay, Diego Fernandez, Ines O'Farrell
A draft bill penalizing possession of child pornography was submitted to the Argentine Congress.
By Pablo Cereijido, Maria del Rocio Beccar Varela
The National Superintendence of Insurance revoked the validity and expiry periods established for insurance plans.
By Diego Fernandez, Ernesto O Farrell
The Federal Court of Appeals in Criminal Matters upheld a ruling that found the use of the accused's IP address decisive in determining his guilt.
By Diego Fernandez, Fernando Fravega
The Court of Appeals in Criminal Matters and Misdemeanors of the City of Buenos Aires (the "Court") rejected a request to annul a criminal proceedings made by a defendant...
By Diego Fernandez, Ines O'Farrell
The Argentine Government filed a bill which approves the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime with Congress.
By José Llano, Jorge Rovillard
In a recent veredict, the Argentine Chamber of the Labor Court of Appeals delimited the concept of "defendant's domicile" provided in the Labor Procedures Law in order to establish the territorial jurisdiction...
By Barbara Ramperti, Lorena Aimó
On March 8, 2017, the Public Registry of Commerce of the City of Buenos Aires' General Resolution No. 3/2017 was published in the Official Gazette.
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