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By Jeffrey K. Janicke, John P. Gregg, Tricia Caliguire
Natural gas will be the clear winner whether you vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.
By John Brescher, Jr., Kevin Brown, Mark Daniele, Joel Horowitz, Jane Kimball, Meredith Walsh
Generally, an amount distributed from a qualified retirement plan (including an employer-sponsored plan and an IRA) is excluded from income if it is transferred to another plan within 60 days following receipt.
By J. Wylie Donald
We try to stay away from politics on the blog, so we were reluctant to take up the Sierra Club's recent report concluding that if Donald Trump became president he would be unique among world leaders in his refusal to acknowledge climate change.
By J. Wylie Donald
I am sure you heard Hillary explain last night why she is going to take action on climate change. "I believe in science." We weren't so articulate when we counseled last week to "Go to the Data," but she figured it out.
By Lanny Kurzweil, Amanda Dumville
Following principles of strict statutory construction and refusing to "unsettle a decades-long understanding in this State,"...
By Penelope Taylor
A discussion on some practical tools lawyers can use, or consider using, in order to decrease defense costs and to increase the chance of concluding a case sooner rather than later.
By Christopher Mayer Esq
A CDL is required for operators of any large vehicle, whether such operation is for work or another reason.
By William Heller Esq
New York’s new data security law impacts every financial institution and employer in New York, and probably every business that conducts business in New York. Simply discarding records (paper or electronic) containing "personal identifying information" now is prohibited.