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By David Harrison, Mark Compton, Stuart Pickford, Mark Stefanini, Mark Prinsley, Nicholas Robertson
In a speech today, Prime Minister Theresa May set out the UK Government's objectives in negotiating the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union.
By Geneviève Michaux, Mark Mansour, Christopher Mikson
The eligibility is based on the risk of EU residents becoming affected by the disease.
By Christopher Fisher, Louise Fernandes-Owen
We are finishing 2016 with a rundown of some of the key cases since the summer.
By Charles-Albert Helleputte, Dina Scornos, Séverine Bouvy
The digital economy is growing at a fast pace and policymakers around the globe are trying to adapt to (and adequately capture) new ways of doing trade.
By Geneviève Michaux, Mark Mansour, Christopher Mikson
Two important developments occurred in mid-November 2016 for the pharmaceutical industry in Europe: the European Commission published a revised guideline on orphan medicinal products...
By Peter Dickinson, Mark Prinsley, Guy Wilkes, Elizabeth Stern, David Beam, Alexander Behrens, LLM (UCT)
The financial services sector has always been at the forefront of innovation, from new products and services to developing new markets and harnessing new technologies.
By Alexandria Carr, Mark Compton, David Harrison, David Sahr, Lauren Smith, Guy Wilkes
Once it has triggered Article 50, the UK will have a two year window in which to negotiate its exit from the EU.
By Andrew Hepner
On 23 June 2016, UK voters decided to leave the EU.
By Mark Stefanini, Jonathan Cohen
The High Court of Justice in London has handed down a landmark decision concerning the recovery of third party funding costs in the case of Essar Oilfield Services Ltd v Norscot Rig Management PVT Ltd.
Mayer Brown would like to invite you to our next LGBT network and allies event.
By Mark Prinsley, Charles-Albert Helleputte, Guido Zeppenfeld, Rajesh De, Kendall Burman, Oliver Yaros, Daniel Gallagher, Jonathan Dack
Member States will have until 9 May 2018 to transpose the Directive into their national laws.
By Kate Ball-Dodd, Connor Cahalane, Katherine Woods
It is too early to say with any certainty what the long term impact of Brexit will be on M&A transactions involving the UK.
By David Sahr, Mark Compton, Alexandria Carr, Guy Wilkes, Alexander Behrens, LLM (UCT)
On 23 June 2016, UK voters decided to leave the European Union ("EU"). While implementation of this decision will take years, financial institutions doing business in the UK and the rest of the EU, especially those that rely on the EU "passport" for financial services, must begin to assess now the impact of Brexit on their business models
By Nicholas Robertson, Miriam Bruce
Our June Monthly Update looks at the causal connection to establish discrimination arising from disability, the impact of dismissing an employee following the actions of their spouse or family member...
By Raid Abu-Manneh, Menachem Hasofer
Please find attached the third edition of Mayer Brown's "International Arbitration Update", a bi-annual publication that summarises key events in international arbitration from the preceding six months.
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