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By Edward Jewitt, Duncan Watson
The government is consulting on draft regulations introducing new investment and disclosure duties for trustees of UK pension schemes.
By Susan Rosser, Robert Hobson
One of the most fundamental purposes (and indeed contractual legal principles) of a contract is that its terms should be certain, such that each party to the contract knows what it is signing up...
By Mayer Brown
Does a NOM clause mean what it says? A "No Oral Modification Clause" says that an agreement can only be amended in writing signed on behalf of the parties.
By Diletta De Cicco, Charles-Albert Helleputte, Kendall Burman, Lei Shen, Mark Prinsley, Oliver Yaros
GDPR Day (i.e., May 25, 2018) has passed, bringing with it higher standards for data privacy, but there is more to be done: the EU is working hard to finalize its reform of the ePrivacy Directive, an effort initiated in January 2017 ...
By Bernd Bohr
In early March, we published an article on (High Yield) Bonds – A Growing Trend in the European Energy Sector?, followed by an Update later in the month.
By Dominic Griffiths, Alex Dell, Merryn Craske, Charles Thain
We recently submitted to the European Commission (the "Commission") our response to its proposed EU regulation on the law applicable ...
By Alistair Graham, Jessica Walker
Claims alleging pre-contractual misrepresentation are common nemeses of banks and other financial institutions, and any organisation that regularly contracts with counterparties.
By Bernd Bohr
Earlier this year, we published a number of articles examining high yield bond issuances by high yield issuers in the European real estate and energy sectors.
By Diletta De Cicco, Charles-Albert Helleputte, Kendall Burman, Stephen Lilley, Mark Prinsley, Oliver Yaros
n June 8, 2018, a political agreement was reached in the European Union ("EU") that paves the way to an EU framework that would set up ...
By Jay Doraisamy, Ian Wright
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018. On the same date, the majority of the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018 came into force.
By Ian Coles, Tom Eldridge, Rachel Speight
Welcome to the latest edition of Mayer Brown's Global Mining Update which focuses on some of the key legal issues and developments that have been affecting the mining sector over recent months.
By Paulette Vander Schueren, Nikolay Mizulin, Dylan Geraets, Edouard Gergondet
After five years of inter-institutional discussions, the European Parliament ("Parliament") and the Council of the European Union ("Council") have adopted Regulation (EU) 2018/825 ...
By Diletta De Cicco
Il Comitato europeo per la protezione dei dati ("CEPD") si è riunito per la prima volta in seduta plenaria il 25 maggio 2018 ...
By Diletta De Cicco, Charles-Albert Helleputte, Kendall Burman, Lei Shen, Mark Prinsley, Oliver Yaros
The European Data Protection Board ("EDPB") held its first plenary meeting on May 25, 2018, the same day the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") came into force.
By Ian McDonald, Catherina Yurchyshyn
In Buzzfeed Inc and another v Aleksej Gubarev and others, Christopher Steele [2018] EWHC 1201 (QB) the English High Court recently clarified a number of legal principles relating to the powers of the English courts ...
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