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By Nathan Boidman, Peter Glicklich, R. Ian Crosbie, Brian Bloom, Marie-Emmanuelle Vaillancourt, Gregg M. Benson, Raj Juneja, Michael Kandev, Heath Martin, Sharon Ford
The year 2016 was eventful from a Canadian tax perspective, with the current Liberal government introducing its first federal budget and important judicial developments...
By Peter Glicklich, Gregg M. Benson
Family wealth and business planning often gives rise to structures that come with burdensome reporting obligations for minority US shareholders.
By Maureen Littlejohn, Anthony Alexander
The doctrine of "common interest privilege" ensures that a document or communication that is already protected by solicitor-client or litigation privilege does not lose that protection...
By Mark Katz
The HR Guidelines focus attention on an area that is not typically regarded as an antitrust "hot spot" but has been the subject of several high-profile proceedings in recent years in the United States.
By Peter Glicklich, Neal Armstrong, Heath Martin
As part of the PATH Act, Congress enacted a new exemption from FIRPTA for foreign entities that are "qualified shareholders" of certain publicly traded real estate investment trusts and other entities.
By Anthony Arquin, Oliver Desilets, Nicolas Morin
On November 25, 2016, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) published a draft regulation titled Regulation respecting Real Estate Prospectus and Registration Exemptions (draft Regulation).
By Peter Glicklich, Gregg M. Benson, Heath Martin
In the flood of guidance being issued in the waning days of the Obama Administration, the IRS and Treasury Department have finalized regulations that require foreign owners...
By Mark Katz
With the CETA having finally been signed by the EU and Canada on October 30, 2016, it's worth exploring what it says about competition law and policy...
By Nathan Boidman, Michael Kandev
In this article, the authors examine the extent to which Canada's new treaties with Taiwan and Israel reflect its involvement and concern.
By Michael Disney, Carol Pennycook, Derek Vesey, Natasha MacParland, Marc Berger
From a lender's perspective, perfection of its security interest in collateral by control provides stronger protection than perfection by registration.
By Anita Banicevic, David Feldman
Section 74.011 of the Act prohibits misleading or false representations in any "electronic message" (e.g., email, text messages, social media posts, websites, and apps), including in the subject line...
By Patricia Olasker, James Doris, J. Alexander Moore, Poonam Puri
A recent court decision from the Yukon has grabbed the attention of financial advisers and mergers and acquisition practitioners, raising questions about established market practices in M&A transactions...
By Anthony Arquin, Oliver Desilets, Nicolas Morin
Le 25 novembre dernier, l'Autorité des marchés financiers a publié un projet de règlement intitulé Règlement sur les dispenses de prospectus et d'inscription dans le secteur immobilier...
By Elliot Greenstone, Jean-Philippe Groleau, Shayna Goldman
The Rules provide that where a non-French-language trademark is displayed outside or is attached to a building or premises, "sufficient presence of French" must be ensured at the same site.
By Mark Katz, Anita Banicevic, Charles Tingley
In our recent e-communication Canada Lowers the Wall to Foreign Investment, we described recent steps taken by the Canadian government to create a more attractive and welcoming climate for foreign investment...
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