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KPMG Luxembourg
By Emilien Lebas
A number of major insurers have been among the first to announce that they have Brexit plans and—more interestingly—that they've decided where these plans will take them.
By Dee Ruddy
The AIFM license enables asset managers to manage and market alternative investment funds (AIFs).
By Jan Jansen
Even more investor protection… you might be wondering if there isn't enough protection already for all the investors out there?
By Maikel Wijsbek
Last year, a Flemish TV show did a great spoof on Luxembourg, titled What if everybody forgot about Luxembourg? (see below with subtitles).
By Eugen Keller
The financial crisis of 2008 has highlighted the importance of thorough risk management processes, especially in the real estate sector.
By Georges Bock
Luxembourg is Europe's leading investment fund centre, and the world's largest after the USA, with more than €3 trillion in assets managed by a multitude of international fund managers.
By Christelle Bousser
Welcome to the final part of our 6-part series of articles about how audit committees ("ACs") can prepare and deal with new legislation.
By Jan Jansen
Luxembourg's investment management industry has a new buzzword, a new obsession, a new battlefield: MiFID II.
By Louis Thomas
Family businesses, when considered a sector unto themselves, are somewhat strange beasts: rather than being united by an activity, a regulator, or a product type, what unites them is how they're made up.
By Martin Reinhard
Data and analytics is no longer a new arrow in a company's digital quiver—but how can strengthening technologies in D&A help asset managers in particular?
By Georges Bock
One of the many burdens for the financial industry, in terms of processes, is the responsibility of collating tax information and communicating it to the tax authorities.
By Christelle Bousser
Audit committees ("ACs") have taken on new roles since new regulation took effect earlier this year.
By Frederic Scholtus
Brexit has become a reality: the UK government recently triggered article 50 of the EU Treaty, officially starting the UK's withdrawal procedure from the EU.
By Xiaohua Jin
The first "Belt and Road Summit" will be held in May 2017 in Beijing, China.
By Frederic Scholtus
Luxembourg has recently published a new law, showing quick work in adapting to the EU's immigration law legal framework.
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