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By Karina James-Wiltshire
Previously, unless a company elected to hold their own PSC Register at the central public register at Companies House, any changes to the PSC information throughout the year were filed at Companies...
By Adam Wadsley
The registration of a charge by a company at Companies House is something that should be straightforward. The form MR01 is prepared, the charge is attached and the fee paid.
By Jessica Toghill
Corporate governance is the corner stone of any good business. It encompasses the processes, practices and policies that a company relies on to make formal decisions and to manage the company.
By Chloe Hancock
Certain large companies and LLPs are now obligated to build several website disclosures into their reporting timetables, including that of payment practices.
By Karina James-Wiltshire
Are you a director of a company, where there is an individual that is a shareholder who continually wants the board to follow their way or no way?
By Debbie Farman
In mid January 2017, the government announced a "call for evidence" on a review of the current limited partnership law.
By Krystyna Stec
Imagine running a company in a country different from your homeland. What would the legal framework be like? Would it allow you to go ahead with your innovative ideas?
By Carolyn Campbell-Wales
Whilst it does not believe that prescriptive regulation is the way forward, it does consider that there is significant room for improvement in UK corporate governance.
By Karina James-Wiltshire
Failure to pay the National Minimum Wage - section 152 of the SBEEA 2015
By Jayne Meacham
This update summarises the major developments in UK corporate law and regulation for listed and quoted companies since our last update in December 2016.
By Anthony Young
We have helped with the incorporation and legal structuring of a number of family investment companies (FIC) recently. It is worth considering them as part of a strategy for inheritance...
By Dana Ewans
With increased congestion and roadworks on every corner, bicycles are coming in to their own.
By Simon Bates
Any organisation that has received a subject access request (SAR) will know just what a nightmare dealing with it can be.
By Andrew Cockburn
Scottish Limited Partnerships and Scottish Partnerships could soon find themselves within the scope of the PSC (People of Significant Control) regulations.
By Karina James-Wiltshire
The scheme will handle complaints in-house and will be enforced by the Small Business Commissioner.