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By Dana Ewans
With increased congestion and roadworks on every corner, bicycles are coming in to their own.
By Simon Bates
Any organisation that has received a subject access request (SAR) will know just what a nightmare dealing with it can be.
By Andrew Cockburn
Scottish Limited Partnerships and Scottish Partnerships could soon find themselves within the scope of the PSC (People of Significant Control) regulations.
By Karina James-Wiltshire
The scheme will handle complaints in-house and will be enforced by the Small Business Commissioner.
By Dana Ewans
Assuming that you have no special provisions within your Articles of Association, when a shareholder dies, their shares will be held in transmission by their personal representative.
By Helen Wright
Many of our ecommerce clients often make the valid point that given the nature of the internet, a customer may make a purchase through their website from any country in the world.
By Nadine Wilkinson
An impasse was reached between Kendlebell and the franchisees which was resolved by deeds of termination and releases executed between December 2011 and January 2012.
By Karen Bowley
Occasionally, we get questions from clients about how to fix errors about their company on the public register.
By Stacey Edwards
In the aftermath of headlines involving large corporate brands such as BHS, Sports Direct and HBOS it has never been more important to take a look at your corporate governance.
By Adam Wadsley
Has your company been struck off? Would you like to restore your company? Here are the steps you need to take to get back up and running.
By Jayne Meacham
This update summarises the major developments in UK corporate law and regulation for listed and quoted companies since our last update in May 2016.
By Jayne Meacham
Do shareholders vote at your Annual General Meeting by a poll or by a show of hands? Whichever method you choose, there are a number of practical steps you must consider.
By Simon Bates
For the wronged consumer, just how difficult is it to enforce your rights when a retailer does not comply with consumer law?
By Dana Ewans
Your health and Safety policy will define how employees are expected to behave.
By Karen Bowley
A readymade company, also known as an ‘off-the-shelf' company, is one that already exists.