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By Olivier Olivares
Some of our clients have been asking for our assessment in connection with information they have received from certain Mexican colleagues concerning the declaration of actual and effective use which will be required ...
By Alonso Camargo, Daniel Sánchez
In accordance with article 89 of the IPL, all visible signs can be protected, provided that they are sufficiently distinctive and able to identify ...
By Antonio Belaunzarán, Alonso Camargo
As a result of the Mexican Government's renegotiations on free trade agreements, and combined with demands from the national business community, important amendments to the Mexican Industrial Property Law (IPL) ...
By Abraham Diaz, Gustavo Alcocer
The legal framework for data protection is found in the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, published in July 2010, and its Regulations, published in December 2011 (hereinafter the "Law").
By Alonso Camargo, Daniel Sánchez
The relevant authority is the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI).
By Sergio Olivares, Jr.
There is no doubt that the Madrid system should be beneficial for trademark owners when protecting their trademarks in several countries, particularly in terms of cost effectiveness.
By Sergio Olivares, Jr.
We will notify you as soon as these regulations are available.
By Sergio Olivares, Jr., Mauricio Sámano
The Mexican IPL is clear on the fact that it is not possible to obtain two patents for the same invention. However, there are certain scenarios in which this situation could in fact occur.
By Alejandro Luna, Erwin Cruz, Rommy Morales
Mexico's statutory IP law, the Industrial Property Law (enacted in 1991 and modified in 1994), resulted from NAFTA negotiations with the United States and Canada and the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.
By Alejandro Luna, Armando Arenas
The primary legislation for the advertising of medicinal products is the General Health Law (Ley General de Salud) (HL), and its Regulations (Reglamento de la LGS en materia de Publicidad) (HLR).
By Luis Schmidt, Fernanda Díaz
Luis C. Schmidt and Fernanda Díaz from OLIVARES and Ana Maria Magaña from MPAA, explore some of the problems with Mexican Copyright Law by looking into camcording and outline some of the changes needed to help solve the problems.
By Luis Schmidt
With authors' works of arts often being made freely available online, laws have had to be updated to maintain necessary protection.
By Alejandro Luna, Sergio Olivares Sr
Before what tribunals can a patent be enforced against an infringer? Is there a choice between tribunals and what would influence a claimant's choice?
By Walter Galeana
Last year (2016), the criminal system in force in Mexico until then was changed. A new accusatory oral system was implemented, which represents changes in both the system and the criteria.
By Alejandro Luna, Armando Arenas
What are the legal conditions to obtain a patent and which legislation applies? Which products, substances and processes can be protected by patents and what types cannot be patent protected?