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By Luis Schmidt
With authors' works of arts often being made freely available online, laws have had to be updated to maintain necessary protection.
By Alejandro Luna, Sergio Olivares Sr
Before what tribunals can a patent be enforced against an infringer? Is there a choice between tribunals and what would influence a claimant's choice?
By Walter Galeana
Last year (2016), the criminal system in force in Mexico until then was changed. A new accusatory oral system was implemented, which represents changes in both the system and the criteria.
By Alejandro Luna, Armando Arenas
What are the legal conditions to obtain a patent and which legislation applies? Which products, substances and processes can be protected by patents and what types cannot be patent protected?
By Alejandro Luna, Armando Arenas
What are the main legislation and regulatory authorities for pharmaceuticals in your jurisdiction?
By Alejandro Luna, Erwin Cruz, Ingrid Ortiz
This Q&A provides an overview of the regulatory framework for the commercialisation of medical products in Mexico.
By Sergio Olivares,Jr., Mauricio Sámano
Sergio L. Olivares, Jr., and Mauricio Sámano from Olivares discuss the Mexican patent scenario, considering the aspects that work well and those that need more development to be able to protect inventors.
By Abraham Diaz, Erwin Cruz, Pedro Herrera
Biotechnology has made significant contributions to the advancement of medicine, agriculture and industry.
By Alejandro Luna, Alejandro Torres, Ingrid Ortiz
Are there any notable trends or recent legal developments in your jurisdiction's pharmaceutical industry? It is expected that the North American Free Trade Agreement will be soon reviewed, renegotiated or terminated.
By Alonso Camargo, Daniel Sánchez
The relevant authority is the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.
By Sofía Arroyo
Sofía Arroyo, Olivares, reviews the initial results of the Mexican Opposition System and points out both the good and not so good practical consequences the system has rendered in its first year of life.
By Antonio Belaunzarán, Carlos Reyes
Antonio Belaunzarán and Carlos Reyes help readers become aware of some critical amendments that the Mexican Trademark Law requires to make Mexico a truly competitive country in terms of trademark protection.
By Sofía Arroyo
It has been approximately a decade since the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMP) adopted very strict criteria when assessing the likelihood of confusion between trade marks.
By Abraham Diaz, Adrián Martínez
The Industrial Property Law and its associated regulations govern trademarks in Mexico.
By Alejandro Luna, Armando Arenas
The Code of Ethics and Transparency of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Code of Ethics & Transparency).