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Maples and Calder
By Christopher Capewell
Some welcome news that the BVI government has extended the CRS reporting deadline by several days to 1 September, 2017.
By John MacDonald, Philip Ireland, Ray Davern, Matthew Gilbert, Michael Gagie
Maples and Calder represented both parties to a successful application brought by a retiring security agent and trustee, under an English law governed facility agreement, for an order under section 52 (1) (a) of the BVI Trustee Act vesting in the incoming security agent and trustee, ..
By Richard May, Guy Williamson, Christopher Capewell, Tim Dawson, Tim Frawley, Alasdair Robertson, Tahir Jawed, Andrew Quinn, James Gaden, Harjit Kaur, Heidi de Vries, Michael Gagie, Martin Livingston
As a result of a tropical wave that affected the territory of the British Virgin Islands last week, the Government of the BVI has now announced that the deadline for the submission of CRS reports...
By James Eldridge
Pursuant to s.238 of the Cayman Islands Companies Law (2016 Revision), shareholders who are dissatisfied with the price they receive for their shares in a merger are often entitled to dissent...
By Conor Owens, Michael Kennedy, Fergal Ruane
Project finance is a well understood and widely used model for carrying out infrastructure projects in Ireland across all sectors including health, education, roads, rail, waste, water, IT and energy.
By Tom OConnor
For every young lawyer on the career ladder, here's some great advice from The Lawyer.
By Brian Clarke, John Breslin, Robin McDonnell, Karole Cuddihy
Purchasers of distressed debt have inevitably found themselves involved in legal disputes with borrowers seeking to undermine the loan purchaser's position as secured lender or at least put it on full proof of its entitlements.
By Colm Rafferty
Encouraging to see early stage IoT plays like Wia making progress.
By Christopher Capewell
The registration deadline of 31 July, 2017 for both CRS and FATCA registrations has now passed. Financial Institutions that missed the deadline need to focus on completing their registration...
By Andrew Quinn, David Burke, Peter Stapleton, William Fogarty
On June 7 2017, more than 70 governments participated in the signing ceremony of the OECD's Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting.
By Tim Frawley
Two points of note for Cayman funds that are in scope. First, the six year record keeping period shall commence on the date when the relevant information is or should be reported to the TIA under the CRS Regulations.
By Stephen Carty
The Second Amending Central Bank UCITS Regulations have been just been published (dated 27 July 2017).
By Tom OConnor
Central Bank data shows that the quarterly increase of Irish real estate held by funds in the State slowed to 3 per cent in the first quarter of 2017, to €13.7 billion.
By Maples and Calder
Maples and Calder is pleased to announce that partner Morven McMillan has been awarded a prestigious nomination in Legal Week's Private Client Global Elite 2017. The list aims to highlight the premier trusts and private client lawyers around the world.
By Tom OConnor
Interesting merger in the UK and good to see someone of the calibre of Andy Martin will be heading up the UK merged entity
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