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Maples and Calder
By John Breslin, Robin McDonnell, Nick Herrod
From 26 June 2017 an enhanced EU regime governing the commencement, recognition and enforcement of insolvency and restructuring proceedings throughout the EU will come into effect.
By Peter Stapleton, Emma Conaty, Ciara O'Leary
Leading international law firm, Maples and Calder, recently won the "Best ETF Law Firm in Europe" award at the 2016 Europe Awards.
By Peter Stapleton, Barry McGrath, Stephen Carty, Carol Widger, Adam Donoghue, Eimear O'Dwyer, Ian Conlon, Ciara O'Leary, John Gallagher, Deirdre McIlvenna, Emma Conaty, Pádraig Brosnan, Gerry Brennan
The European Securities and Markets Authority ("ESMA") has issued an opinion (the "Opinion") addressed to EU NCAs including the CBI to address regulatory and supervisory arbitrage risks arising...
By Richard May, Philip Ireland, Ann Ng, Heidi de Vries, Michael Gagie
During the past year we have seen that the British Virgin Islands ("BVI") Financial Services Commission (the "Commission") has become increasingly strict with payment and filing deadline...
By Morven McMillan
Partner Morven McMillan continues her discussion on the application of the English Data Protection Act in the context of dispute between trustees and beneficiaries.
By Emma Conaty, Stephen Reilly
On 24 February 2017, the Financial Services and Markets Authority ("FMSA") released a Communication on the requirements for EEA AIFMs or non-EEA AIFMs to market units or shares...
By Richard May, Christopher Capewell, Tim Dawson, Tim Frawley, Patrick Head, Martin Livingston, Alasdair Robertson, James Turner, Tahir Jawed, Andrew Quinn, James Gaden, Harjit Kaur, Heidi de Vries, Michael Gagie
The Government of the British Virgin Islands ("BVI") has recently announced an extension to the deadlines for the notification and reporting obligations under the Common Reporting Standard ("CRS").
By Maples and Calder
Maples and Calder recently assisted aircraft leasing company Avolon Holdings Limited ("Avolon") in connection with its US$10 billion acquisition of the aircraft leasing business of CIT Group Inc.
By Michael Gagie, Matthew Gilbert
The British Virgin Islands continues to be a jurisdiction of choice for corporate vehicles entering into secured finance transactions, and remains a markedly creditor-friendly jurisdiction.
By Donna Ager, Mary O'Neill
Alternative A of the Cape Town Convention now has the force of law in Ireland, following signing of an Order by the Irish Government on 10 May 2017
By John Breslin, David Burke
What are the main trends/significant developments in the lending markets in your jurisdiction? There are two key trends. First, a resurgence in property-based lending by banks and alternative lenders.
By Tina Meigh
The Cayman Islands recently introduced a new, flexible, hybrid entity, the limited liability company (each an "LLC"), that is subject to the Limited Liability Companies Law, 2016 (the "LLC Law").
By Edward Miller, Patrick Quinlan, Mark Roberts
This update summarises recent developments regarding the legal and regulatory rules which impact on Irish public company equity securities issuers, their investors and professional advisers and service providers.
By Mac Imrie, James Eldridge, Gemma Freeman
The Cayman Islands Grand Court has delivered its ruling in Re Shanda Games Limited (FSD 14 of 2016, 25 April 2017, Segal J).
By Peter Stapleton, Barry McGrath, Stephen Carty, Carol Widger, Adam Donoghue, Eimear O'Dwyer, Ian Conlon, Ciara O'Leary, John Gallagher, Deirdre McIlvenna, Emma Conaty, Pádraig Brosnan
Since 2014 the Central Bank of Ireland (the "Central Bank") has permitted regulated direct lending funds to be established as a special category of qualifying investor alternative investment funds.
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