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By Whitney Abrams
In July of 2015, Oregon became the fourth state in the US to legalize recreational cannabis when Measure 91 came into effect.
By Matt Maurer
A staff report that will go before the government of the Halifax Regional Municipality on Tuesday urges the municipal government to take a proactive approach and begin developing policies and regulations...
By Michael A. Goldberg, Mac Killoran, Jay Goodis
The new tax policies introduced by the Canadian Federal Government on July 18, 2017 appear likely to materially harm the Canadian economy including
By Matt Maurer
Leaders from across Canada's cannabis industry are joining forces to participate in Leaf Forward, Canada's first cannabis industry business accelerator program.
By Matt Maurer
In an open letter to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, Toronto Mayor John Tory has indicated that Toronto may tax cannabis sales at the municipal level.
By Michael A. Goldberg
Tax lawyer Michael Goldberg was quoted in "A 93% tax rate? Private corporation tax could make it possible" on why he thinks the proposed changes to the Income Tax Act will likely have a huge and unfortunate impact...
By Matt Maurer, Whitney Abrams
Many believe that obtaining a license from Health Canada to cultivate cannabis doubles as a license to print money.
By Whitney Abrams
Whitney Abrams continues to review the recreational cannabis regimes across the U.S.A. This week she provides an update on the regime in Colorado. ​
By A. Irvin Schein
The recent case of Carleton Condominium Corporation No. 282 v. Yahoo! Inc. and Yahoo! Canada Co. provides useful guidance on how a potential Plaintiff in a defamation case...
By Samantha Prasad
I recently read an interesting article on the Monty Pelerin's World website titled "The Trump Effect and Markets – Market Update."
By Samantha Prasad
Summer is officially here, and for some of you, this means leaving city life behind and spending some quality time at your cottage with your family.
By Matt Maurer
Cannabis Law Group chair Matt Maurer provides a provincial cannabis legislation update on the newest movements in the Northwest Territories and Manitoba.
By Matt Maurer
The Council of the District of Columbia has passed a law which gives minority-owned companies preferential access to cannabis business licenses.
By Matt Maurer
Edmonton City Council voted 10 – 0 (with three Councillors absent) to amend an existing zoning bylaw to make provision for future storefront cannabis retail establishments, as well for cannabis lounges within the City of Edmonton.
By Spencer Bailey
According to the May 2017 update of the International Narcotics Control Board ("NCB"), a regulatory body of the United Nations...
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