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By Aileen Furey
On November 30, 2018, a majority of the judges of the Supreme Court of Canada decided the media doesn't get any special protection from the issuance of production orders without prior notice (a.k.a. ex parte) – yet.
By Romain Viel
Section 222 of the Excise Tax Act allows the Crown to claim a tax debtor's GST/HST arrears against a creditor that obtains proceeds from the debtor's assets.
By Julie Robinson
Companies engaged in the cannabis supply chain are highly regulated by federal and provincial cannabis-specific laws as well as a myriad of other laws, like environmental, workplace and agrifood-related laws.
By Jillian Kean, Robert Mroz
On October 24, 2018, the N.S. Supreme Court issued Supplemental Reasons explaining why it decided that future income loss under section 113BA(1) of the N.S. Insurance Act, RSNS 1989, c. 231 must be calculated on a gross, and not a net, basis.
By Meghan Felt, Morganne Foley
Immigration is one of the key solutions to looming worker shortages in Canada.
By Jillian Kean, Robert Mroz
On October 11, 2018, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal released its first decision considering the saving provision in Section 12 of Nova Scotia's new Limitations of Actions Act.
By Jamie L. Angus
As of January 2019, incorporating a limited company in N.S. will be more economical.
By Dominique Fontaine
When New Brunswickers head to the polls to cast their vote for their political candidate of choice, the N.B. Elections Act gives employees certain rights...
By David Fraser, Sarah Dykema
Time is of the essence: every organization subject to Canada's PIPEDA – every organization that collects, uses and discloses personal information in the course of commercial activity in Canada – must ...
By David Fraser, Sarah Dykema
As of November 1, 2018, organizations in Canada subject to PIPEDA will face strict and onerous new privacy breach response requirements with respect to any data security safeguard breach.
By John W. Hennessey, QC, Kaitlyn Angus Hornsby, Sean Corcoran
P.E.I. corporations are currently governed by the P.E.I. Companies Act – legislation that's substantially unchanged since it was enacted in 1888 as the Joint Stock Companies Act.
By Robb Baird, David Wallace
Most businesses – from start-ups to SMEs to multi-nationals, and from private family-owned businesses to public corporations – will use software as a tool to grow:
By Lucie LaBoissonnière, Amanda Nash, Michael Murphy, Ryan McCarville
Every parent knows that a lot can happen in 18 months.
By Lucie LaBoissonnière, Amanda Nash, Michael Murphy, Ryan McCarville
Annual minimum wage increases in Atlantic Canada (and in Canada generally) don't typically receive a significant amount of media coverage.
By Stephanie Sheppard
The legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada is imminent. Employers are feeling the heat to prepare – even as they continue efforts to manage the impact of increasing medically-authorized marijuana use.
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