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The update summarises 2013-14 insurance decisions, and litigation from the Canterbury earthquakes continues to dominate.
The decision is the first, and only NZ case on the relationship between Admiralty and the Insolvency (Cross-Border) Act.
Kim Dotcom's political party aspirations must have taken a hit when the court delivered this judgment against Dotcom.
Failing to enter into s shareholder's agreement can be the commercial equivalent of driving without a seatbelt.
The case relates to alleged breaches of the Securities Act 1978 by the directors of Lombard Finance & Investments Limited.
By Bryce Davey
It is clear that there is potential for a ripple effect for New Zealand directors from the Australian Centro decision.
By Joanne Chilvers
The traditional New Zealand 'do it yourself' (DIY) attitude is alive and well when it comes to commercial leasing. There are plenty of people, both landlords and tenants, who are prepared to sign an agreement to lease premises for, say, a six year term at $50,000 plus a year rent without consulting a lawyer.