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Narrow Quay House
Narrow Quay
By James Sutherland, Charlotte May
A guarantor may remain liable despite a change in the underlying contract provided the guarantee is unlimited or anticipates changes to the underlying contract.
By Justin Briggs, Charles Crowne
The EU Insolvency Regulation governs cross- border insolvency proceedings across the EU.
By Andrew Burnette
The Court of Appeal decision in David Frost v Wake Smith & Tofields Solicitors [2013] EWCA Civ 1960 provides a cautionary reminder of why it is always preferable to document any terms agreed by clients in a legally binding agreement as soon as possible.
By Kari McCormick, Maddie Rea
Businesses buy insurance to provide themselves with valuable protection at times of loss or threat.
By Kari McCormick, Julia Learner
This briefing looks more closely at the duty of disclosure and at the broker's role in helping business clients to comply with this onerous duty.
By Andrij Jurkiw
The Court of Appeal recently ruled that customers who discuss their future pricing intentions with their suppliers run the risk of being accused of price fixing.