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By Catherine Leech
In any contact sport the risk of injury is inevitable.
By Catherine Leech
A recent Supreme Court case has demonstrated that, sometimes, international convention will prevail over European legislation when they are in conflict.
By Zia Ullah, Victoria Callaghan
Zia Ullah, Partner and Victoria Callaghan, Solicitor, of Pannone LLP talk through the expected major revisions to the Third EU Money Laundering Directive.
By Scott McKinnell, Maxwell Fox Leonard
The Court looked at the intention of the parties by looking at the exact words they had used in the settlement agreement.
By Olga Tocewicz
This article considers some of the Papers most controversial suggestions and assesses the responses provided by the interested parties listed above.
By Chris Gawne, Ben Spivey
Recently the government indicated that medical negligence claims are expected to cost the taxpayer £15.7 billion.
By Scott McKinnell
Insolvency on construction projects can be fatal. Projects are based on linked contractual arrangements and as the saying goes you are only as strong as your weakest link.
By Stephen Jones
In light of the recent NHS initiative to increase awareness of lung cancer symptoms, Stephen Jones, Partner and Head of the Medical Negligence team at Pannone Solicitors, considers the worrying evidence that doctors are overlooking signs of lung cancer and the implications that late diagnosis can have for patients.
By Gill Edwards
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By Scott McKinnell, Tom Holroyd
Scott McKinnell looks at whether you might be entitled to extra time and money to complete your works as a result of strike action.
By Scott McKinnell, Maxwell Fox Leonard
After more than twenty years since the first edition of the NEC contract was issued for consultation, the Publishers have issued a welcome set of guidance notes on how to prepare Works Information.
By Scott McKinnell, Tom Holroyd
A certain secret agent regularly makes his appearance on the small and large screen.
By Scott McKinnell
Caps on liability are a common feature of negotiations in construction projects, particularly to enable contractors to price risks more easily and to therefore lower the cost for construction clients of procuring a project.
By Maxwell Fox Leonard, Scott McKinnell
Section 111(10) of the Housing Grants, Regeneration and Construction Act 1996, as amended by the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009, does not sound like the basis of an exciting conversation, however, it might end up being something which in the present market conditions you wish you knew a little about
By Scott McKinnell
As the saying goes, you don’t have to be posh to be privileged, but it may help if you are a practising qualified solicitor or barrister.